3 Indian cricketers who failed to score a century outside Asia

3 Indian cricketers who failed to score a century outside Asia

It is a matter of great pride to score a century on foreign soil. In this respect, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli have received unique honors compared to other Indian cricketers. However, there are some famous Indian cricketers whose dream of scoring a century on foreign soil but failed to score a century outside of Asia. In today’s report, let’s find out about the 3 famous Indian cricketers who have not scored a century outside Asia.

1) Dinesh Karthik:

Dinesh Karthik has been called up to the national team after a great performance by the Indian youth cricket team. But that’s when Mahendra Singh Dhoni emerged, which is why he had to wait most of the time outside the team. He impressed everyone on English soil in the 2007 Test series. Where top-order batsmen failed but he scored the most runs but failed to score a century. His highest score is 91. Besides, he has no international century.

2) Lala Amarnath:

Cricket experts believe that Lala Amarnath is one of the pioneers of Indian cricket. This legendary Indian cricketer scored a century in his debut Test and it was the first Indian Test century. Although the former Indian captain is considered as a batsman, he was also able to handle the ball. At that time, no Indian batsman could stay outside Asia for long. He also had a very poor batting record, batting average 14 and highest score 50.

3) Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

One of the best captains in the history of cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This Indian wicketkeeper-batsman has won the team by playing many memorable innings. Surprisingly, he played 219 innings outside Asia but failed to score a century. Meanwhile, Dhoni has a great average outside of Asia. Speaking of statistics, he scored 6401 runs with an average of 36.43. Although he has 45 half-centuries, he has no centuries. Dhoni’s highest score outside Asia is 95.