8 Worst TV Series in 2020 Worst TV Shows Released in 2020

8 Worst TV Series and Shows Released in 2020 

Ratched, Space Force, and some other TV Series and shows were considered as the worst series2020, according to critics. Here we analyzed many titles during the year 2020 and we came across some very bad productions.

Worst TV Series of 2020


1 – Space Force

Steve Carell starring in a silly comedy by Greg Daniels, author of The Office? Please, I want to watch it! But actually, on second thought, I don’t think so. This series was one of the worst attractions of 2020, and one of Netflix’s biggest shortcomings.

The story, which has Carell as head of the newly formed military branch known as the Space Force, is to be classified as one of the biggest disappointments on TV this year. And look that the cast was sharp. But they suffered from lukewarm jokes and a wildly uneven tone.

2 – Ratched

When we posted our review here on the Series Mix, we were blown away by Ryan Murphy fans and Netflix subscribers. The reason? They disagreed with our opinion about Ratched. But behold, a few months later, we are here again to reaffirm: Ratched was one of the worst series of the year.

We could open one more text to highlight how mistaken Netflix’s vision was for the character of A Stranger in the Nest, or how it looked more like a rejected American Horror Story Season, or how gloomy and laughably exaggerated it all ended up. But you can sum it up in just one word: Ratched was horrible!

3 – White Lines

White Lines had a high hype for only one factor: having the production of Álex Pina, the creator of La Casa de Papel. But behold, he failed miserably when trying to make a new hit for Netflix.

With characters without thanks and extremely forced adult scenes, White Lines told the story of a woman investigating the death of her brother that happened 20 years ago. However, without any enthusiasm for the viewers, who during the episodes were more sleepy than curious to discover the outcome. It wasn’t this time.

4 – Brave New World

Brave New World is a kind of extended Black Mirror, in which a place is created where people do not think about money and are not monogamous. There are those who work, the alphas, the betas … Until a savage is rescued and placed in this “Brave New World”. From that, conflicts are created.

Only that the conduct of the story is extremely weak for its potential. And this lack of exploration ended up taking the plot to an end without an end. Result? Little public interest, endless cancellation, and a fiasco of the new Peacock streaming for 2020.

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5 – NeXt

This is another type of series that aired in the United States, should not arrive here in Brazil, and should be completely forgotten by the public. Unfortunately, the past two weeks have made it clear that Fox’s drama has no narrative structure, almost refuses to gain momentum, and many characters are pure plot devices. NEXT had a potentially provocative premise and a cast that simply deserved better. It wasn’t this time.

6 – The Sinner

The third season of the anthological drama managed to take two of the most charismatic actors on TV – Matt Bomer and Chris Messina – and take away all their charm, using absolutely heavy material.

The Sinner’s approach to storytelling worked for the first two seasons, but it was difficult to get involved with Jamie and Nick’s mysterious story, overloaded as it was by endlessly boring scenes and a narrative that dragged on for eight episodes.

7 – Avenue 5

In space, no one can hear you laughing … especially when the jokes are bad. An HBO space comedy from the creator of Veep, starring Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad, would have to work hard to be bad, right? Unfortunately, despite her impressive pedigree, yes, she is awful.

8 – Reality Z

Reality Z was one of the worst things of the year in all countries. Forced performances, a complete slapstick plot, and a zombie apocalypse that didn’t take itself seriously in any minute. Whether that was the purpose of the series was never clear. But it made someone else ashamed, of course, it did.

And I believe that 2020 can be compared to a horrible scene: the dark death of Sabrina Sato at the beginning of the first episode. So, for you what was the worst TV series of 2020? Leave it in the comments.

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