Aaron Finch helped a student during the lockdown

Students around the world are spending the most time under house arrest due to the Coronavirus. Everything has started to move slowly. The countries that don’t want to take risks with educational institutions now. Aussie batsman Aaron Finch helped an exhausted Australian student during the lockdown. On the advice of Finch, a second-grade student named Alex Altub, he created a great cricket magazine out of routine work.

Schools in the Australian state of Victoria have been closed since the onset of the coronavirus. Studying at home from outside sports has become quite challenging for the students. More than 6 lakh boys and girls are unable to go to school in Australia due to the Corona effect. More than 9,000 coronae have so far tested positive in the country, with more than 100 deaths.

According to Cricket Australia’s official website, cricket fan Alex Altub has helped Australia’s white-ball captain in such a difficult time. In order to keep him mentally energized and engaged, Aaron Finch sent a message through his teacher asking him to prepare a cricket magazine, which would mention various rules of cricket and fielding positions. And that’s what Alex Altub has really enjoyed in this way Aaron finch has helped a depressed student during lockdown to focus on study.

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“Learning from the tune was a daunting task for a second-grade student at Blackburn Lake Primary School in Melbourne East,” the Cricket Australia website was quoted as saying. At least until he takes action to help Aaron Finch. ‘

The Australian limited-overs captain sent a message through Alex’s teacher Katherine Taylor. Where he is asked to finish a special project. Finch asked to prepare a magazine with a detailed explanation of the fielding position and the rules of the game of cricket.

Teacher Katherine Taylor said in the context, ‘The result was one of her (Alex’s) best work so far. Aaron Finch sent him a message that made him want to fly. In fact, he was bored from home for a long time. He could not play his normal game. Of course, the people of the house gave him a lot of support, but he has done a great job.

‘He is a big fan of cricket, he loves cricket. He did the whole thing during lunch and other breaks. They (family) used to talk about all these. He is a big fan and he has enjoyed the whole thing in the midst of his routine work. ‘