ACB has allowed spectators to enter domestic cricket

ACB has allowed spectators to enter domestic cricket

The field game was stopped for a long time due to the coronavirus outbreak. This time cricket has returned to the field after that corona break. Even though cricket is back on the field now, the spectators have not returned.

The first spectator got a chance to enter after the Corona break in the county match a few days ago. Seeing that initiative of England, this time the Afghanistan Cricket Board is going to give the spectators access to the field.

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has allowed spectators to watch matches of their domestic league Shapeza Cricket League. The board confirmed the matter in a notification on Saturday. “With the permission of the Ministry of Public Health, spectators will be allowed to watch this year’s Shapeza Cricket League matches at the Kabul Cricket Stadium,” the statement said. However, access to visitors will be restricted.

However, the entire stadium will not have spectators, it is known that 30 percent of the capacity of the stadium can enter the field.

Although it was supposed to start on September 18, this year’s event will start on September 6 due to the change of schedule. The 7th edition of the tournament will be screened through the final on September 18.