Apps to Convert Files to PDF on Android (Word, Images & Editor) | 2021

4 Android Apps that Convert File to PDF in 2021 

4 Ways: Convert to PDF on Android (Word, Images and Editor) | 2021

Learn to use these 4 best PDF Converter Apps for android in 2021 that allow you to create and convert any document or file such as MS word, Image, & editor to PDF from your Android mobile.

It is a very useful tool for managing and creating PDF documents when you are studying or working. We don’t always have a PC at hand, so this application can get us out of trouble when all we have is an Android mobile or tablet.

4 Android Apps that Convert File to PDF in 2021 


1. PDF Convert

This application allows you to convert any document you want to scan, whether it is in the phone’s memory or from cloud services. Selecting an image allows you to crop, rotate, select the quality of the PDF and the size of the page.

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2. JPG to PDF App

As its name implies, it allows you to convert JPG images or photos into a PDF file. You can do it individually or by selecting a complete folder where you have several images to create a single PDF.

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3. Word to PDF

Convert PDF files to editable Microsoft Office Word documents with the extension .Docx, .Doc, .RTF, .TXT or vice versa: from Word to PDF. This process is done online, so it is necessary to have an internet connection to download the converted file.

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4. Google Drive documents

The Google Drive text editor has a series of features that allow you to create files with images, formatted text, tables, links, etc. and at the end you can download the file in PDF, Word, .odt, .txt,. rtf, .html, .epub.

As it is connected with your Google drive account, you can save the final file in the cloud, share the link or download it to your mobile.

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