Asif Ali Almost hits Keemo Paul with his Bat

Video footage of Pakistan bowler Asif Ali almost hits Keemo Paul with his bat during a match yesterday is currently going viral on the internet. Yesterday’s match of the CPL T20 series was between the Jamaican team and the Barbados team. Pakistan’s Asif Ali is playing for Jamaica and Asif Ali is playing for Barbados.

In this match, Asif Ali, who was bowled by Kimo Paul, was caught in the act of throwing sixes and was caught out. So the bowler celebrated the moment when the chemo ball wicket fell. In this celebration, the tough Asif Ali threw like a slap in the face in his interview. Unexpected chemo ball shocked. He is expected to be punished soon as such an act violates the rules of cricket.

The cricket administrations of the respective countries are hosting various T20 league series around the world, such as the IPL T20 series in India. In that sense, it is no exaggeration to say that the Caribbean Premier League run by the West Indies Cricket Board is something that is popular with fans. The series has been reviewed year after year. And there are a lot of interesting things going on in this series.