Australia topped the ICC World Test Championship Points Table

Australia topped the ICC World Test Championship Points Table

Virat Kohli’s India dropped to number two in the points table of the World Test Championship ahead of the upcoming Test series on Australian soil. The ICC has changed the points system of the ICC World Test Championship for epidemics. According to its previous point system, India was number one. Australia in two. Currently, Australia topped the ICC World Test Championship Points Table due to the change in the points system. Incidentally, the point system of the World Test Championship has been changed on the recommendation of a committee headed by Anil Kumble.

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Most of the countries in the world could not play many series. As a result, less than half of the Test Championship matches have yet to be played. The ICC estimates that 75 percent of Test matches will be over by the end of the tournament if Test matches are resumed from now on. No team has played fewer matches, no team has played more.

The team that got more points by playing more matches was getting an advantage in the previous list. The ICC wanted a change in the points system for him. The committee recommended that teams be ranked as a percentage of the number of points they have already played in the series. The committee’s recommendation was approved by the ICC’s chief executive committee.

Manu Sone, ICC chief executive, said: “The committee’s recommendation to change the ranking system of the teams has been accepted. The new list is based on the percentage of points earned from the series played and the number of matches played. It will give a clear idea of ​​the performance of those teams and will do justice to the teams.

The current rules show that the number one team on the list, Australia, got 72.2 percent. Their points are 296. Played 3 series. Won 6 matches. Rate 2, Draw 1. On the other hand, India, which was number one in the previous system, has more points (360) but as a percentage (85%) they are one step ahead of Australia. Playing 4 series, winning 6 matches, losing 2, courtesy of draw 0. This list will undoubtedly give extra confidence to Smith-Warners before the series starts against the Giants at home.