Australia tops India in new rules of ICC Test World Championship

Australia tops India in new rules of ICC Test World Championship

Cricket’s top governing body has changed the rules to end the ICC Test Championship on time due to the Coronavirus. The ICC will select the finalists based on the percentage of points a team has earned, rather than the points earned. Due to this new rule, Australia tops India in the ICC Test World Championship.

India has dropped to two places in the points table of the current ICC Test Championship. The Australian cricket team has risen to the top of them. Last Thursday, the ICC approved the new rules on the recommendation of the cricket committee headed by Anil Kumble, although they had two options.

Matches that are not played on the field due to the Corona epidemic are drawn by dividing the points between the opposing teams or determining the points list based on the percentage of possible points. Although the first was discussed, the ICC chose the second option as appropriate, and according to that rule, the points table changed before the start of the game.

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India has topped the Test Championship with a maximum of 360 points in four series, with their potential at 480. But according to the new rules, they got 75 percent points, resulting in India falling out of the top spot. Australia, on the other hand, had a potential score of 360, with 296 points; Which is 82.22 of the total points, as a result of which Australia has risen to the top in terms of percentage.

The impact of the new ICC rules, however, did not affect Bangladesh’s position. Because they don’t win even if they play 3 matches in Test Championship. There is no draw, so the Tigers are at the bottom with 0 percent points.