Babar not in Favor of Dropping Anyone if They Fail to Perform

Babar is not in Favor of Dropping Anyone if They Fail to Perform 

Babar Azam is one of the best players in the world today. Not only as a player but also as a captain, Babar is unique, said the team’s co-captain, Shadab Khan. Shadab Khan said Babar Azam consulted with him before making any decision. Moreover, even if someone in the team fails, Babar has confidence in him, Babar not in Favor of Dropping Anyone if They Fail to Perform, said Shadab Khan.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, the leg-spinner said that Babar was not in favor of dismissing anyone who failed. Babur wants the careers of the national team players to belong.

Shadab Khan said, “Babar is in favor of giving opportunities to the cricketers of the national team again and again. He does not want the team to change again and again. He is not in favor of dropping anyone if they fail. He also made important decisions in the selection of the XI.

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The Pakistani legspinner added that the captain spoke to him about the XI election. Even many decisions on the field come through discussions between two people.

Mentioning that Babar also works to boost the confidence of the players, Shadab Khan said, “Babar consulted with me to take any decision. We discuss this in detail before selecting the XI. In many cases, we make decisions based on mutual understanding.

At the same time, Shadab Khan added, ‘Babar also tries to boost the confidence of those who do not do well on the field. In fact, he wants every player to have a long career in the national team.