BCB Reduce Number of Test Match and Increase T20s in Zimbabwe Tour 2021

BCB Reduce Number of Test Matches and Increase T20s in Zimbabwe Tour 2021

BCB decided to reduce the number of Test matches and to increase the number of T20s in the upcoming Zimbabwe Tour 2021. T20s have been added to the Zimbabwe tour 2021 by reducing one Test. On the other hand, Australia’s Bangladesh tour has increased by two T20s.

Bangladesh has to visit Zimbabwe in June-July 2021. According to the FTP, there were to be two Tests, three ODIs, and three T20s. Now there will be a test, confirmed Akram Khan, chairman of the BCB’s cricket operations committee.

“Since we’re going in mid-June. But we did one thing, there were two tests. We have reduced one Test, increased one T20, ”Akram told reporters on Tuesday. “Since we have the World Cup and T20 there are a lot of games.” Akram also said that quarantine in Zimbabwe would not be very difficult.

And wherever the T20 World Cup is, Australia will come and play five matches before that. “You know, we had three matches with Australia. And it’s in eight to nine days. We are trying to make the preparation as good as possible. ”

The Asia Cup was supposed to be held before the T20 World Cup 2021, but the Asian Cricket Council has postponed it due to a tight schedule. Akram said the BCB had no plans to hold another series at that time. “Our schedule is very busy at the moment. Club cricket will start after our series.

Then for a period of time, I reduced one Test from Zimbabwe and increased one T20. Then after returning from Zimbabwe we have Australia, New Zealand series. Again, cricketers need to look at the issue of biosecurity. Everything has to be considered together. Extra play but not good. We are thinking about all this. I will think about this after this series. ”