BCCI is in trouble even after signing a contract with Dream XI

BCCI is in trouble even after signing a contract with Dream XI

The BCCI then set out on a mission to find a new sponsor. Dream XI, a fantasy gaming platform, was selected from a number of interested organizations. Dream XI is getting the title sponsor rights for Rs 222 crore. Where ‘Vivo’ used to pay Rs 439.60 crore annually. However, the IPL authorities are happy to get such an option in a short time.

BCCI is in trouble even after signing a contract with the Indian company Dream XI. The Chinese company Internet giant Tencent Holdings Limited has a certain amount of shares in Dream XI. Protests have resumed among Indians after learning of the Chinese company’s involvement with Dream XI.

Anger has erupted across India over the killing of an Indian soldier on the Chinese border. Even in the aftermath of the IPL, the general public in the country has demanded an end to ties with other Chinese companies, including title sponsor Vivo. Vivo, a Chinese mobile phone maker, was removed from this year’s title sponsor at the last minute in the face of their gunfire.

The Confederation of All India Traders, which regularly campaigns for a boycott of Chinese goods, also issued an official letter to the BCCI. “We are deeply saddened that the name of Dream XI has been finalized as the title sponsor of the 2020 IPL. Chinese company Tencent has invested heavily in this company. Tencent has a lot of shares in Dream XI.

‌’We feel that by sponsoring the IPL title, Dream XI has pushed the feelings and emotions of the people of the country. Why such a decision in the protests against the boycott of Chinese goods?

However, IPL chairman Brijesh Patel is disappointed with the behavior of the media and the people. According to him, if there is a problem with Chinese products, why aren’t the mobiles of Chinese companies being used? He told India’s Bengali daily ‘Sangbad Pratidin’, ‘This is your problem, you are looking for debate in everything. It is an Indian company. So where is the difficulty? Anyone can invest in the company.