7 Best Online Multiplayer PC, Xbox, & PlayStation Games of 2020

The Best Online Multiplayer Games of 2020

There are various Multiplayer games to play on PC. In the Best Multiplayer & Online Games of 2020, Some of them are RPG, MMORPG Strategy, or mission-based Games.

In 2020, the number of multiplayer and online games frequently played on the computer, Xbox, or Playstation increased. It can be seen that the frequently preferred online, RPG, sports, story, and MMORPG style game types are complemented with different strategies.

As the name suggests, you can match with the person (s) you can compete within online games over the network or in the game. Operations and operations differ depending on the genre you play. Therefore, you need to learn the structure of the game you choose to play.

There may be games of all kinds that you like or haven’t discovered. When you cannot find a different game after finishing all the stages, you can start finishing the same sections again. This situation, which becomes boring over time, can be resolved with current games today. We discuss the list of the best multiplayer and online games of 2020.


7 Best Multiplayer PC, Xbox, & PlayStation Games of 2020



The closed beta version of the online war game was presented to the game lovers by Riot Games. It started broadcasting after the interest of many players in the beta version of the global player and analyzed the errors predicted with their feedback.

valorant Best Multiplayer PC, Xbox, & PlayStation Games of 2020

VALORANT is a 5v5 FPS game where 10 players’ competitive game mode is won as a result of a tactical battle. The game developed for players who do not have powerful systems and offer great values ​​in image quality encountered Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) as its first competitor.


2. Call of Duty: Warzone

Modern Warfare, one of the most notable FPS games of 2020, has brought the Battle Royale mode for players without a budget and paid areas. The game’s graphic values​​, which can be played online and offline, can be met with a middle segment computer.

The 150-person cast, who is left in the chaos and chaos, must obtain equipment, gear, and weapons from different points on the map and fight until they win. Also, Call of Duty allows you to fight as a multiplayer or a team by incorporating modern opponents’ features in this game.


3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

In 2017 the Bluehole taken by broadcasting PUBG game today is still the best online FPS maintains its place among the games. It is the first owner of the Battle Royale mode and has been accepted worldwide.

At the start of the game, you enter the race to be the first with your team or alone with the solo, duo, and squad type. From the beginning, all players are held in the area where 100 people gather for the first time.

Then, within the specified time, you will jump on the map of 4 different regions with the plane carrying the players. After landing in the area you specified, loot, you can start acquiring items defined as. Every item you find will make you stronger against your opponents.


4. League Of Legends: Tactical Wars (TFT)

Launched by Riot Games in 2009, League Of Legends (LOL) brought a new adventure to the game in the summer of 2019 and managed to attract the focus of attention again. It is played to win with league rated and 5v5 character battles.

In the newly introduced tactical wars, it is tried to win by developing individual strategies. You have to fight the champions on the LOL against the opponents on the mini-map. At the start, 8 opponents have the right to choose one of the champions in the middle.

After the first selection, everyone has the chance to strengthen the champion in their possession and add other characters they get from the cards. Android and TFT mode, which can be played on iOS, can be entered through your Riot Games account.


5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Revolutionizing online FPS games with its release in 2012, CSGO is one of the competitive modes that has not lost its value yet. It consists of two teams trying to win with the tactical slow game genre published by Valve Software.

There are 5v5 battles, and the team or individuals who want to be among the top players with the rank system enjoy it; and also, with the voice communication feature in the game, the teams can talk to each other.


cs go - Best Multiplayer PC, Xbox, & PlayStation Games of 2020

The biggest difference from the mode is that there is no free equipment find feature. At the beginning of the round, each team must continue the game with the budget they have or the equipment of the opponents they kill.

With the updates brought by the company recently, innovations have been made in characters, new operations, and game modes. This has increased the interest in the CSGO game.



6. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life, which is based on years ago by Valve Software, is unknown to anyone. It is a tremendous game played by a generation fondly and fondly despite its eye-tiring image quality.

It has been constantly updated with different versions and innovations over the past years. After the latest release as Half-Life 3, the developers who did not leave that position came to the game lovers again with their innovations. Alyx, made in 2020 and incorporated the latest technologies, also attracted attention to its adaptation to virtual reality.

In the last game of the series, Alyx quotes the character’s gripping story, who is the last chance of human liberation. Alyx and Black Mesa, who appear as side characters in the HL2 game, have included the new game’s main role.


7. GTA V

One of the most admired 2015 and record sales on steam by Rockstar Games is GTA V. The basic logic of the game is the same as Vice City and San Andreas versions based on our childhood.

But GTA VThe most familiar feature that differs from other versions is the game graphics. In the game structure built on role-playing, everything progresses in comparison with real life. Those who deal with legal and illegal jobs should play with the police, ambulance, or other online players.

It includes new-generation vehicles, homes, jobs, and improved role techniques. Different things can be done as a department. Of course, the tasks done will surely come to an end. You can search the sections established for new servers and different excitements.



Best RPG Games of 2020

Role Play Game (RPG) game types generally have online functionality. And various consoles to be played by the computer, and one of the simplest possible examples is GTA V may specify. It has different types and is generally segmented. From the beginning of the game, you need to do things, or you need to perform real-life actions.


1. Cyberpunk 2077

This game, which started broadcasting in 2020, actually contains many new-generation designs and vehicles. It is a story of the megalopolis, obsessed with power and grandeur. You will play as V outlaw who struggles to find the key to immortality, chasing action and adventure in a different world they call the Night City.




With the character you play, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills or style given at the beginning. It tells the next generation’s narrative and the importance in your imagination of discovering new cities in a way that looks like the world around you.


2. Final Fantasy VII Remake

One of the greatest RPG games created by Square Enix against PlayStation users of 2020. Releasing its improved version and increasing the adventure to the top, the structure uses the latest technologies.

It has made the game more enjoyable with the help of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The Cloud Strife character is a former mercenary and tries to organize against Shinra. You can beat this organization as a team with Avalanche. The game, which can only be played on the PlayStation for now, is expected to be computer compatible in the future.


3. Elden Ring

Global impact Game of Thrones producer George RR Martin and From Software, in their work together, introduced Elden Ring, which will be one of the legendary RPG games of 2020. The main structure of the game is based on kingdoms.

In the game where you will start as a warrior, you will enter wars to establish your own kingdom. It should be noted that these battles are based on Scandinavian Mythology, and the process of progress is quite difficult. You will be able to play the game on PC, Playstation, and Xbox.



Best MMORPG games of 2020

MMORPG are actually games that are brought together and renewed by inspiring from two different game main branches. It is called MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). It is classified as a multiplayer online game.

RPG (Role Playing Game) is a role-playing game. Combining the two includes both online games with a large audience and emphasizes the role-playing feature within those games. In fact, they are still in a leading position in the genre of games that date back to the past is a reminder to the players.


1.  Metin2 Future World

2004 in a short period of time and driven out of the market in the summer of Turkey is also one of the game started broadcasting. It is one of the rare games that most generations spend time running away from school with their pocket money in their childhood.


You can start the game adventure with 5 different characters. You can fight PvP battles and kill the monsters in the new updates brought to the game by completely developing and equipment. It is based on strategy, war, role, and development. You can join the magnificent world of magic by choosing one of 3 different kingdoms.


2. Aion Online

The game producer, designed and published by the biggest Korean game company, is known as NCsoft. You will go on an adventure with improved characters and initially weak warriors.

First of all, there will be many details you need to learn in the game structure. However, apart from these, your most important task is to start developing your character and reach 10 levels.

After completing the development process, you will have a huge wing, but you will need to complete a challenging and special task for this. To become the most powerful warrior of the mysterious worlds, all you have to do is develop fast and prepare a strong character.


3. Knight Online

It is one of the largest rooted MMORPG games and has a global multiplayer. A war broke out between El Morad, the human race launched in 2002, and Karus, the Orc race. Both races must fight each other for victory and become one to save their nation.

In general, you will need to improve yourself with individual and team play and objects obtained by creatures that battle turn. So you can be stronger against other races and win the battle. Besides, events that start a war and award first prizes are organized within the game.


Final Words

We have compiled our list of the best Multiplayer & Online Games of 2020 for you. So what are the best games of 2020, in your opinion? You can shape the list by stating your opinions and thoughts as comments.


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