10 Best Perfumes with Ocean Scent in 2022

10 Best Ocean Scented Perfumes for Men and Women in 2021

Best Ocean Scent Perfumes 2022

Sea scents contain everything that they can offer us in the bottle: seaweed, sand, iodine, refreshing breeze, salt, and sun rays. Before choosing the ocean or sea scent perfumes for women and men, we test many perfumes because the group of marine fragrances is extremely large.

Some resemble heated leather, like Calvin Klein Reveal, others smell of the raw Scandinavian coast, like The Different Company Sel de Vetiver. Some capture the scent of marine flora, such as  Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme. So how about big waves, endless ocean horizons, and sea breeze on your face? Please come on board! In this ranking, you will find the most beautiful ocean-scented perfumes for men and women to buy in 2022 that smell like sea salt, breeze, & warm sun rays.


10 Best Ocean Scent Perfumes & Colognes 2022


1. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Profumo

Acqua di Giò Profumo answers a bold question: What will happen if we take the scent of the sea and give it an oriental character? Eau de Parfum will be created that will mesmerize everyone! The difference between the original Acqua di Giò and Profumo is primarily in the reduction of the fragrance notes of fruit and flowers.

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Instead of sweetness, there is aromatic bergamot and rosemary in the opening, a warmer herbal heart, and an absolutely narcotic smell of incense and patchouli in the base. The composition retains the characteristic sea note, which is also the leitmotif here. Except that it has greater depth and is simply much more interesting.


2. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro

The Italian La Dolce Vita has always been a source of inspiration for Roberto Cavalli, whether in terms of fashion or fragrance. But with Paradiso, Azzurro Cavalli celebrates more than the sheer sweetness of life.

This time, he is trying to celebrate the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes – to delight with the sea breeze, the scent of citrus, and hot sun rays.

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Paradiso Azzurro is the essence of Mediterranean nature: the exquisite tangerine has been covered with sparkling jasmine and placed in a captivating base of cashmere wood.

The herbal scent of lavender and cypress give the composition an intensity that can be associated with the characteristic image of hanging laundry in the beautiful, narrow streets of coastal towns in Italy. The deep blue of the glass wonderfully captures the light and shines out shiny reflections with every movement.


3. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey

Issey Miyake, thinking about his brand’s first fragrance, wanted a perfume that did not smell like perfume, but had the scent of water. L’Eau d’Issey is a real odyssey. A sea journey from our comfort zone towards unknown orient. Narcotic water will make you leave everything behind and embark on this journey without hesitation.

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The composition opens with a fresh breeze of watery fruit and flowers. The notes of lotus, melon and coarse freesia speak to us the most. L’Eau d’Issey Eau de Toilette emphasizes the harmony of the sea by presenting it as an arrangement of peony, lily of the valley, and white lily. The composition ends with a wealth of wood aromas.


4. Thierry Mugler Womanity

Angel Woman is greedy, Alien Woman is surprising, Womanity Woman is a bit of each of them! Through Womanity, Mugler portrays a woman who does not like to be closed within certain frames. The pillar of the composition is strange sea notes, represented by caviar accompanied by sweet fig jam, as well as the fig tree and its leaves.

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Its complex world can be confusing because it’s sweet and salty, smoky and watery, dry and juicy at the same time. It’s like a vacation by the sea, but at the same time in a dense fig orchard and a meadow among sheaves of hay.


5. Bvlgari Aqva For Men

AQVA was inspired by the power and beauty of the sea. That is why its main fragrance is Posidonia – grass growing in its depths. The composition begins with sparkling aromas of sweet citrus and aromatic petitgrain, which is obtained from the leaves of the orange tree.

The heart is joined by seaweed from the depths of the sea, combined with the herbal chill of lavender. The base is a warm rider made of wood and ambergris.

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AQVA is the scent of the underwater world which makes him on the list of best ocean scented cologne. It encapsulates all those beautiful shapes and colors that are available to us only after putting on a diving mask.

On the one hand, it is a fresh perfume, but its aroma also has a warm wooden background. There is something mineral in them that lives wonderfully on the skin. It is a perfect summer perfume.


6. Calvin Klein Reveal

Imagine swimming in the salty ocean. You dive into the crystal clear turquoise water, then you step ashore and wait for the sun to dry your skin. The rays caress you with their warmth, and after a few minutes, only small salt particles remain on the skin. This is what Reveal is like – carnal, warming, and really salty from start to finish.

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The opening of the composition is very dynamic. Three types of pepper – pink, black and white – pierce the nose and raise the temperature an additional 5 degrees Celsius. In the heart, the fragrance evolves into a calmer, more sensual side. It combines sunny notes of ambergris with a wonderful, powdery iris.

Reveal ends with a warm wooden base made of sandalwood, cashmere, and vetiver. Reveal is one of those perfumes that can be your permanent fragrance because it smells stunning all year round.


7. Kenzo for Men

We all know the sea classics for men from the 90s – Acqua di Giò and Cool Water have gained such popularity that everyone has had them before. However, there is one scent that lingers somewhere in the shadows, although in my opinion, it should lead the others. It is Kenzo Pour Homme.

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Its sea note is very ozone, which makes it feel the sea air in it. Its curiosity lies in the fact that it was laid against a dry background of wood notes. As a result, we not only feel the sea breeze, but also a chypre, slightly creamy background.

Kenzo Pour Homme also has a dirty, almost muddy side. Many men describe this perfume as the scent of washed ashore wood that has been hit repeatedly by strong waves and then dried in strong sunlight.


8. Chanel Allure Men Sport

Allure Homme Sport takes us to the world of water sports, where athletes break their physical and emotional barriers! This eau de toilette is not just sea freshness, it also has a very sensual background. It opens with sharp notes of aldehydes, citrus, and water notes, and over time warms with soft vanilla, tonka beans, and a spicy base.

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Even though Allure Homme de Chanel has its age, it invariably delights with its modernity. The unusual combination of sparkling energy with the warmth of aromatic notes stays on the skin throughout the day.

It is reminiscent of the smell of a sea breeze while walking along an elegant promenade somewhere in the south of France. This perfume will be perfect for work and everyday use – both for a sports sweatshirt and an elegant shirt.


9. Hermes Eau des Merveilles Bleue

Eau des Merveilles Bleue Eau de Toilette has captured the heart of the ocean with a uniquely magical fragrance. It is somewhere between the magic of a child’s imagination and conscious femininity. The artist was inspired by the first encounter with the sea – the first touch of wet stones, the salty taste of water, and the mineral sea air.

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The composition was built on the foundations known to us from the first version of Eau des Merveilles in an amber bottle to which the dominant sea notes, wood notes, and patchouli were added.

Although the recipe is very simple, the smell is fascinating. It is full of emotions and perfectly reproduces the thrill of delight when we get to know something new. This perfume has a secret to it, it is definitely not an image of a tropical lagoon where you drink a sweet Piña colada in coconut. It’s more of an evening walk on the beach with a sky full of stars.


10. The Different Company by Sel de Vetiver

A few grains of salt, dried branches of vetiver and the smell of heavy rain – Sel de Vetiver Eau de Parfum for Women and Men tells the story of the beautiful, but also the merciless side of the sea.

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What impresses most about this perfume is the quality of vetiver: it is neither smoked nor earthy, but slightly salty and sea-like. Her performance is really very close to the idea of ​​the immensity of the sea. It wonderfully combines water, sand, and seaweed.

The raw freshness of vetiver has been softened by geranium, cardamom, and powdery iris. Thanks to this, the composition takes on a pleasant, leather character and becomes more harmonious. Sel de Vetiver will suit anyone looking for elegance in the highest quality perfumes. Here everything is thought out, balanced, and made with great precision.