5 Best PS4 Controller Accessories

5 Best PS4 Controller Accessories

Sony PlayStation Fans who are playing games on their PlayStation 4 gaming console are certainly looking for PS4 Controller Accessories. PS4 controllers generally come with the PS4 Gaming Console, if you are still looking for the best PS4 Game Controllers, here below we have enlisted in the PS4 Game Controller buying guide to find out the best PlayStation Gaming Console and its accessories. Apart from that here below, we have enlisted in the best PlayStation 4 Controller Accessories for you.


1. PS4 Wireless Charger: ECHTPower PS4 Charger DualShock 4 Charging Station

Wireless PS4 controller models need to be recharged after running out of juice. For more convenience, you can use a charging base like PS4 Charger ECHTPower. This Plug & Play charging station is only made for two Sony PS4 wireless game controllers.

It has a screen with an LED indicator showing the charging progress (from red to green). It has a 3-hour Quick Charge function for 2 controllers connected simultaneously. It goes faster with individual loading. Its Streamline design gives it an attractive, sleek, and elegant look.


2. PS4 joystick: KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Joysticks

In addition to the L and R triggers, PS4 joysticks are often in high demand. They get damaged quickly. If you need replacement sticks, you can go for KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Joysticks. These very designer pieces are laser engraved.

Their raised sticks give more precision and accuracy in controlling the game. These medium-sized sticks offer more ergonomic handling for the wrists. And their concave surface gives a better thumb grip.


3. PS4 controller battery Pack:2000mAh High-Performance Li-Ion Battery

For wireless controllers, the battery may become completely dead. To replace it, you need a compatible product like 2000mAh High-Performance Li-ION Battery. This battery set only works on PS4 controllers with blue light strips and a touchpad. It is incompatible with the latest generation of PS4 controllers due to the new connector format.

With its 2000 mAh, this high-performance accessory is twice as powerful as the original battery of a Sony controller. It is supplied with an exchange kit consisting of a set of dedicated tools and an illustrated instruction manual (in English). It is guaranteed PAXO quality and European standards.


4. PS4 controller cable: Paxo 2X 4m Nylon PS4 Charger Cable

This duo of cables (USB to micro-USB) in nylon is made for charging PS4 controllers and transferring data on different devices (PS4 and Xbox One controller, smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.). Each card measures 4 meters.

These wires offer a fast charging speed due to the width of their section (AWG24 standard). Very elegant, both sport two-tone colors (blue and black). They are robust and flexible thanks to their nylon textile braided sheath.

They also derive this strength through the quality of their shielding, the thickness of their wires, and their molded gold metal plugs. The PAXO tapes supplied are self-gripping.


5. PS4 controller case: 9CDeer 1 Piece Silicone Studded Sleeve Protector

A controller shell is used to give personality to a gamepad, but also to protect it. If you want one for your PS4 controller, this 9CDeer 1 model is for you. This is protection in the form of a premium-quality silicone case. It is easy to put on and take off.

It is compatible with all models of PS4 gamepads. This hull constitutes a perfect bulwark against dirt and shocks. Its unique graffiti pattern is never tarnished by its Water Transfer Printing technology. It comes with 8 thumb protectors and 2 dust caps (for USB ports and headphones).