Sammy complains bouncer rules was to suppress blacks

1985, 1989 – The West Indies win the first two World Cups. The Caribbeans also played in the 1973 World Cup final, losing to Kapil Dev’s India. The West Indies have fast bowlers like Courtney Walsh, Joel Garner, Patrick Patterson, Andy Roberts, and Michael Holding. The Caribbean bowlers were adept at beating the opposition batsmen with pace and bounce. Recently Darren Sammy complains that the bouncer rules were introduced to suppress black.

Darren Sammy, who has been very vocal lately on the issue of black rights, claims that bouncer rules are made to suppress black success. In 1991, the Apex Board introduced a rule that bowlers could make a bouncer in an over. That changed in 1994 to two. In 2001, another clause was changed in the C rule.

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Sammy told Inside Out, ‘Look when Jeff Thomson, Dennis Lillee were bowling fast, the batsmen were in trouble. Then I saw a black team was irresistible. That’s when the bouncer rule came up. What I think is just to create a barrier to the success of blacks. ‘

‘I may be wrong, but I see it that way.’

A few days ago, Darren Sammy said that they never get the respect they deserve because of their skin color. Even in the IPL, his teammates used to call him Kalu. Sammy didn’t know what that meant then. He said he was very angry when he found out the meaning.

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