Bringing the IPL 2020 to the UAE would be a Logistical task

Bringing the IPL 2020 to the UAE would be a Logistical task

Bringing the IPL 2020 to the UAE would be a logistical task for tournament organizers, but for BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit chief Ajit Singh, those will make monitoring the event “a little easier” as it would be limited to only three places.

The IPL will begin in the United Arab Emirates starting on September 19 and the final will take place on November 8 with three stadiums: Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi that will host the 60 games for 51 days.

“In the UAE, it will be a little bit easier to do (monitor ACU activity) as there are only three sites compared to eight locations in India. That is not a problem at all. Once the schedule arrives, we will decide the workforce, ”Singh told PTI during an interaction.

The UAE, in 2014, organized the first part of IPL due to the general elections in India. Singh said there are currently “eight ACU officers on BCCI payrolls.”

So will it be enough in terms of managing work through 60 parties and keeping a tab in hotels? It will depend on the type of biosecurity bubble created, the former Rajasthan police calculated.

“It is too early to comment on the measures since we must first verify what type of biosecurity measures will be created.” We first have to see how things are taking shape there and we will deploy our men accordingly, ”Singh said. “In case we need men, we will hire them,” he added.

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With ICC’s headquarters in Dubai, BCCI, if needed, can assist the global body that has a large team of ACU officials who can be hired, according to a BCCI official.

“If it is a private league approaching ICC to hire ACU officials and agree to cover the event, then the league organizers will bear the costs,” the senior official told PTI.

The BCCI may need more workforce considering that each team will have a dedicated ‘Integrity Officer’ according to the rules.

“It is the BCCI that will designate an integrity officer per team during the IPL course. Now, if they will be part of the bio-bubble (if it was created), we don’t know, but the Integrity officer is completely their domain, ”a high-level franchise official clarified the rules.

The UAE has a history of being a hotbed for bookmakers and proofreaders, but the ACU chief is pretty sure intelligence gathering will not be hampered by this tournament change.

“Whoever is involved (bookmakers/fixers) are all interconnected. If we have our sources here, they also know how these bookmakers operate.

“If they get information from this place, they will also get information from that place. It is not so much a problem, ”she said.