Buying Guide For Gaming Microphones

Buying Guide For Gaming Microphones | Gaming Microphones Purchasing Guide 

In this buying guide for the best gaming microphones 2021, you will find the essential criteria to choose the model that corresponds to your needs. This kind of accessory is more profitable if it can be useful to you for other uses. Then take into account all of its features, apart from the quality of the sound it produces.


Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming Microphones 


The importance of directivity

The first criterion that should concern you is the directivity of the micro gamer. This is the way it picks up sound. The unidirectional, or cardioid, model considers sound directed directly at it. This kind of microphone is more precise in the sound it produces. It, therefore, ignores all surrounding noise. It’s the perfect template for podcast recordings or streaming.

Hyper-cardioid type microphones are available for those who prefer even more precise sounds. You will need to focus on tight steering, so you don’t have to move the mic.

The two-way microphone is sensitive to sound coming from two sides. There is also the omnidirectional model, which is made to pick up all the noise around it. With this kind of accessory, you will have to avoid unnecessary noise, otherwise, you will have a lot to do to correct your recordings. Some models are even capable of picking up sounds at 360 °. Choose according to your needs.

The sensibility

Sensitivity is another important criterion in a comparison. It’s the ease of picking up sound. With a very sensitive model, you don’t need to get too close to get quality sound. Even at a distance of 50 cm, the microphone faithfully delivers what you want to convey.

In general, this is what is needed for studio use. In case you need the mic, just for gaming, the sounds of the gaming keyboard may annoy your teammates, if the mic picks them up. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the device is equipped for the reduction of ambient noise. The presence of an anti-pop filter is then desired. This option also helps in removing plosives.

Convenience in use

When you consult a price comparison, don’t lose sight of the use you want to make of the micro gamer. The quality of the latter depends on it. A stand is an essential option for this accessory. Several models come with a tripod, which allows stability on your table. In general, it is possible to adjust this stand, to the height that suits you. Even if the tripod is sturdy, you are not immune to vibrations. Check if there is a fastening system, to minimize them.

Most gaming microphones are plug and play. You just need to plug them into the computer, and they’ll work. It is therefore not necessary to install specific software. It saves you time, and it’s more convenient. The microphone is connected to the computer through a cable, normally USB. The length varies from model to model. Even if the mic has a stand, you might be tempted to move it. If you are a gamer, who prefers very lively atmospheres, you will have to think about a longer cable.

Cable connectivity to the mic is not the same for all models. Some are removable, so you have to plug everything in before use. The advantage is that you have the option of replacing them when they get older. There is, however, a downside. If you unplug it at any time, the connections may be damaged quickly. Other cables are attached to the microphone. They are easier to use, but they are not replaceable. In this case, if the cable is faulty, you will have to look for where to buy a new micro gamer.

Gaming Microphone compatibility

The manufacturers always specify the operating systems accepted by the microphone. There are models that are compatible, only with Windows. Others are also made for Mac OS, or for Linux. If you have a PS4, choose a suitable mic. It is the same for other consoles like Xbox. Some microphones require an adapter, or software, to connect to a given system.

Take these tips into account, as they can save you from an unnecessary purchase. Think about the intended use before deciding. Even if a micro gamer is intended for games, it can be useful for you, for streaming on YouTube, or for recording a podcast. If you need all of these features, you can combine them into one mic. That doesn’t stop you from having fun with a dimmable model, which allows you to even choose the mood.