Chennai Super Kings Should Release MS Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings Should Release MS Dhoni

If Chennai Super Kings keep Dhoni in the next IPL, CSK will have to spend Rs 15 crore for Dhoni. Chennai Super Kings should Release MS Dhoni in the next IPL 2021. Former Indian opener and commentator Akash Chopra’s remarks have sparked controversy. The fans wanted to see Dhoni, who has retired from international cricket, in a completely different way in the IPL. Returning to competitive cricket after a long absence of 22 yards, the former India captain’s performance is not at all impressive.

Dhoni’s charisma disappears with the bat. This time in the IPL, Dhoni could not score a half-century for Chennai. He has scored only 200 runs in 14 matches. This has never happened in the history of IPL in so many years.

CSK’s performance this time under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who made Chennai three-time IPL champions, was not as expected. However, Chennai will captain Dhoni in the 2021 IPL. That’s what CSK management has done! But according to former Indian opener Akash Chopra, “If Chennai leaves Dhoni, the franchise will have to spend Rs 15 crore for Dhoni.” Let Dhoni go. Dhoni can be taken back to Chennai using the Right to Match card when a team bids for the world-winning captain at auction. ”

“I think if there is an auction, Dhoni should be released from Chennai,” he said. I am not saying that Dhoni should not be kept in the team. Because Dhoni will play in the next IPL. Chennai will have to spend Rs 15 crore for Dhoni. The Chennai Super Kings now need a cricketer who will play for three years. Will Dhoni play in the yellow jersey for three years? ”.


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