Chris Gayle joins Bolts birthday party

Chris Gayle joins Bolt’s birthday party

The rumours of Usain bolt is being affected by the Corona has been circulating all over the internet and Bolt hosted a birthday party. Chris Gayle also joins Bolt’s birthday party.  However, Gayle has already tested negative twice and got a negative corona. As a result, there was no doubt about his visit to the United Arab Emirates. He will be able to join Kings XI Punjab in due course.

Gayle Corona gave the news of being negative on Instagram. He confirmed the matter with several test videos before catching a flight to the UAE. Gayle will have to go through the Corona test even after landing in the UAE. He will have to stay in quarantine for 7 days after the Covid-19 test at the airport. At this time the first, third and fifth days will have to go through further tests. Once they are north, players will be able to start practising in a germ-protected environment.