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Cricket Australia wants to bring Spectators back

Cricket Australia wants to bring Spectators back

Cricket Australia wants to bring Spectators back

Cricket Australia wants to bring back all the cricketers and the spectators in the stadium. Everything revolves around the India-Australia Test series. He returned to the international cricket field last July. After the England-West Indies Test series, cricket returned after a break, but the spectators have not returned yet.

In all the series that have been or are going to be held since then, at least it has not been heard that the spectators are playing on the field. In that case, Cricket Australia (CA) is going to make a bold decision – that is to say. The Australian Cricket Board plans to have 30,000 spectators in Melbourne for the Boxing Day Test against India this year.

Virat Kohli can be seen playing in Melbourne on the tour of Australia among the spectators. Australia plays the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne every year from ‘Boxing Day’ on 26 December. Not only is it a tradition, but it is also a kind of cricket festival for Australians on the eve of Christmas. And if there are no visitors to the festival, what a fulfillment!

But due to the current situation, all the cricket boards have now moved away from playing with spectators on the field. But Australia is daring because the Boxing Day Test is still a few months away. And in the state of Melbourne, the situation is improving. All in all, the idea of ​​playing the Boxing Day Test in front of the spectators in Melbourne started.

Another big reason is that the sooner one gets used to the new normal life, the sooner the Australian government thinks it is possible to make up for the economic loss. The state government of Victoria is also thinking of returning some spectators to all the games. Cricket Australia believes that if 30,000 spectators are allowed to enter the Melbourne Stadium, which has a capacity of more than 1 lakh spectators, it will be possible to follow the rule of social distance.

Cricket Australia has already suffered a huge loss. The T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November has also been postponed. India’s upcoming tour is a great opportunity for Cricket Australia to cope with that loss. That is why Cricket Australia wants to organize the series as much as possible.

The first test of the series at the Adelaide Oval is scheduled for the first week of December. Then the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne. The last two Tests of the series could be in Sydney and Brisbane. This week’s full sports schedule can be matched this week. Such is the plan of Cricket Australia.

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