Cricket is returning after Corona virus

Almost all sports in the world came to a standstill due to the epidemic of Covid-19. Different leagues and tournaments in different countries are returning to the slowly changing situation. European football is back in many places, including the English Premier League and La Liga, and other games are starting. So is cricket, slowly returning after corona virus.


The last international cricket match played so far was against Australia, New Zealand in a spectacular field in Sydney, on 13 March 2020. The cricket season is over for now, and the domestic cricket season is over. They have also successfully hosted the Women’s T20 World Cup. However, they have had to postpone several international tours in the winter, including a two-Test series against Bangladesh. However, they have already announced their return to international cricket in August, and have already announced the domestic and international schedule for the 2020-21 season.

However, financially strapped Cricket Australia has made a number of decisions – including the loss of 40 jobs, including national team batting coach Graeme Hick. However, they are quite optimistic about the series with India next summer. The organization has also moved away from plans to reduce domestic first-class Sheffield Shield matches next season. The Women’s National Championship will also be on the full schedule. Big Bash and Women’s Big Bash will also be in full swing, it has been announced.

However, in domestic cricket, they have canceled the matches of the second XI or Second XI. With U-16 level cricket has been suspended for one year. However, there are plans for U-19 level cricket for boys and girls.

In the last phase of the three-step plan to return from Covid-19, venues with a capacity of up to 40,000 have plans to allow 25 percent visitors, which could take effect in July.

Australian next series

Zimbabwe (Home, ODI), England (Away, ODI + T20), Windies (Home, T20), India (Home, T20), Afghanistan (Home, Test), India (Home, Test + ODI) )


Afghanistan returned to the one-month training camp on June 6 with 22 cricketers. They have started preparations ahead of the proposed Asia Cup and T20 World Cup at the Kabul Cricket Stadium. However, neither of the two tournaments has been confirmed yet. They were talking about a series with Zimbabwe outside the FTP, but it is more likely not to happen.

So far, Afghanistan’s only scheduled Test against Australia in November. In the meantime, they had received an offer from the Tajikistan Cricket Federation to play Afghan cricketers in the country’s league, but the chairman of the country’s cricket board rejected the offer because he was not a member of the ICC.

They are planning to host the Shapagiza Cricket League in 2020, the country’s domestic T20 league. The league of the previous season ended in October 2019 which means there is a chance that cricket will return in Afghanistan after corona virus.

Afghanistan Next series 

Ireland (Away, T20), Australia (Away, Test)

Australia successfully hosts the T20 World Cup for girls, will it be for boys?


At that time Bangladesh was to play the second Test against Australia in Mirpur. He has already postponed the series. The limited-overs series against Ireland has also been postponed. Dhaka Premier League has managed only one round. Domestic cricket for girls has also been suspended.

However, domestic or international – a return to any form of cricket is still highly uncertain for Bangladesh. Although the ‘general holiday’ has been lifted in the country, the number of people infected with Covid-19 is setting a new record every day. The BCB has not yet given a timeline for the cricketers to return to practice.

Cricketers have also started attacking Covid-19 directly. On the same day on June 20, news came that three cricketers had been injured – former ODI captain Mashrafe bin Murtaza, former opener Nafis Iqbal and left-arm spinner Nazmul Islam Apu.

Bangladesh is scheduled to play a three-Test series in Sri Lanka, but the home series against New Zealand is also uncertain. As the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup are also uncertain, there is no light of cricket returning in Bangladesh cricket at present during corona virus.

Bangladesh Next Series 

Sri Lanka (Away, Test), New Zealand (Home, Test), New Zealand (Away, T20), Sri Lanka (Home, ODI)

Not sure yet in Bangladesh cricket / BCB


England’s first Test against the West Indies at the Aegis Bowl in Southampton on July 7 will begin at the ‘Bio-Secure’ venue, with international cricket returning with that match. Meanwhile, the West Indies have reached England, they have set up a ‘base camp’ at Old Trafford. Old Trafford is the venue for the second and third Tests. After the West Indies, Pakistan will travel to England to play Tests and T20 series.

England plans to continue playing in international cricket despite the delay in the summer schedule. However, the domestic season is still uncertain. There will be no domestic match before August 1. Meanwhile, the first edition of ‘The Hundred’ has been postponed till next year. The County Championship and T20 Blast have been postponed indefinitely. All kinds of professional and recreational cricket have also been canceled this season.

However, there is a possibility of returning to the format of the county championship, with the T20 Blast. County teams are also returning to practice. Visitors may be allowed to enter until the county season ends in October, the ECB said.

Earlier, the ECB had gradually brought the cricketers back to practice, with the pacers practicing separately at their respective county grounds. The women’s team also returned to practice ahead of the international series in September which is the sign that cricket is returning back after corona virus.

England Next Series (excluding West Indies and Pakistan series)

Australia (Home, ODI + T20), Ireland (Home, ODI), India (Away, ODI + T20)

Jimmy Anderson returns to international cricket in practice: England-West Indies / England cricket


IPL, or T20 World Cup? Which will be the end? Or both? Return to Indian cricket with the answer to the question that seems to be hanging in the Covid-19 epidemic.

The IPL has been postponed indefinitely on April 17. The BCCI has also received offers from the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka to host the IPL abroad. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether cricket’s biggest franchise league will take place at all this year.

Covid-19 has so far affected more than 4 lakh people in the country, and there are now more than 1 lakh active cases. The Indian government allowed indoor sports last month, but there are still restrictions on state-based travel.

India has canceled tours of Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in the FTP, excluding multinational tournaments, only Australia tour is on their list in the FTP. The return of the cricketers to practice has not been announced yet. So we didn’t see any chances of cricket returning to India after corona virus.

Recently, former captain and head of the National Cricket Academy Rahul Dravid said that India was not ready to return to cricket.

Indian Next series 

England (Home, ODI, T20), Australia (Away, T20), Australia (Away, Test, ODI)


Ireland has virtually ended its home soil international season by postponing tours to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and New Zealand. However, they are optimistic about the three-match ODI series against England in late July.

Meanwhile, the cricketers on central contracts have also returned to practice. Clubs are also starting to practice following government restrictions.

However, the three-match ODI series against England is important for Ireland as the T20 World Cup is uncertain, which is part of the new ODI league in the 2023 World Cup qualifying cycle.

Apart from these, Ireland has also seen a glimmer of hope in the Euro T20 Slam along with Scotland and the Netherlands. Although the franchise-based tournament was canceled at the last minute last year due to financial reasons, those concerned are hoping to hold it in August. So let’s wait for August 2020 to see whether cricket is returning to Ireland after corona virus.

Ireland Next series 

England (away, ODI)

IPL or T20 World Cup, which will be this time? Or both?

New Zealand

It’s too late to start the domestic season, New Zealand is almost ‘free’ from the Kvid-19. However, they have recently received 2-3 new cases. Rugby has already returned to the field. However, the squad for next season’s domestic cricket has been shifted to New Zealand.

However, in international cricket, New Zealand was supposed to be busy on the away tour. The country’s soil T20 series against Australia was postponed at the start of the epidemic, with the West Indies touring England and New Zealand’s Caribbean tour being postponed. Their joint tour of Europe with Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands has also come to a halt.

Then they are supposed to visit Bangladesh, which is uncertain. They are then scheduled to play a limited-overs series on home soil with Bangladesh and the West Indies before the T20 World Cup, but that could hang in the balance with the T20 World Cup.

New Zealand Next series (after T20 World Cup)

West Indies (Home, Test), Pakistan (Home, Test + T20)



Pakistan Super League, PSL is not over. The PCB has also moved away from planning a training camp ahead of a tour of England in a ‘bio-secure’ environment in Lahore, citing an increase in coronavirus infections in the country.

However, their tour of England has been finalized. Although they were originally scheduled to leave the country in July, they have set a date of June 26 for Manchester. Will practice in Derbyshire, will also spend quarantine there. They will play three Tests and a Twenty20 from the end of July to the beginning of September. However, the series with the Netherlands-Ireland has been postponed in this tour.

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However, there are strong doubts about the domestic season starting in August. As of June 21, more than 160,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in that country.

This year’s Asia Cup was supposed to be held in Pakistan, but they had earlier said that they had exchanged the rights to host the event with Sri Lanka. So we can say that cricket is returning to Pakistan in August or in September 2020.

Pakistan Next series  (after England tour)

South Africa (Away, ODI + T20), Zimbabwe (Home, ODI + T20), New Zealand (Away, Test + T20)


South Africa

3 teams. 1 match. On 26 June, South Africa wanted to return to cricket with this strange format. However, it had to be postponed due to a lack of permission from the government.

The tour of India went to South Africa for 3 ODIs in March, with the first match to be floated in the rain and the next two to be played on a field without spectators. Not one in the end. Their tour of Sri Lanka has also been postponed for a limited-overs series in June.

It is not the cricket season now in South Africa, they do not even have a pre-scheduled series before the T20 series with India in August. The cricketers have returned to practice subject to government permission. The South African Cricket Board has already conducted the Covid-19 test for cricketers.

However, cricket is not returning to the field until the ‘Three’ cricket plan sees the light of day. As of June 21, about 93,000 people had been infected with the Covid-19 virus in South Africa.

South Africa Next series

West Indies (Away, Test + T20), Pakistan (ODI + T20)

Sri Lanka is back in practice, but it is not yet clear when it will be able to return to cricket / Sri Lanka Cricket

Sri Lanka

They have offered to organize IPL to BCCI. Asia Cup has tried to organize their own country. Attempts are being made to take Bangladesh to that country. Lastly, SLC is planning to organize its own T20 league. Sri Lanka is trying hard to get back into cricket or return to their home country, but so far nothing has been said at-bat.

England returned to the country after postponing their tour in March, while India postponed their tour in June. The Bangladesh tour is also almost uncertain.

However, they did not give up hope. They are trying to take Bangladesh, along with India, for a limited-overs series instead of a Test series. Sri Lanka is also optimistic about hosting the Asia Cup in September. Attempts to organize a T20 league with foreign cricketers have also come due to uncertainty over the IPL and The Hundred.

Corona did not hit the island in that way, saying quarantine was not needed for foreign teams or cricketers. Just before leaving the country and arriving in Sri Lanka, the result of another test will be ‘negative’ in their case. However, how successful Sri Lanka will be in returning cricket should be left to time.

However, they are returning to practice with 24 cricketers and 8 support staff in the second phase from June 22.

Sri Lanka Next series

Bangladesh (Home, Test), Zimbabwe (Home, ODI + T20), Bangladesh (Away, ODI)

West Indies

The West Indies made history on June 9. They have reached another country as the first international team in the world of cricket to come to a halt in the Covid-19 epidemic. International cricket is returning with their 3 Tests against England.

Although there was uncertainty at the beginning of the series, there will be three Tests at the ‘Baya-Secure’ venue. Earlier, the West Indies had to finish the domestic first-class season earlier, with two rounds remaining, they declared the champions Barbados.

The West Indies are expected to host New Zealand and South Africa after the series, but the series against New Zealand is not taking place on time.

The next tournament in the domestic season is the Caribbean Premier League, CPL. Which is supposed to happen in August-September. The tournament has already been offered in Trinidad and Tobago. This T20 league may take place from 18th August to 10th September.

Westindies Next series 

South Africa (Home, Test + T20), Australia, New Zealand (Away, T20), New Zealand (Away, Test)

The West Indies are the first team to make an international tour after everything came to a halt in the Covid-19 epidemic, and they have reached England / England Cricket.



Despite being a full member of the ICC, Zimbabwe does not have the opportunity to engage in international cricket throughout the year. That was supposed to happen this year. However, Covid-19 has ruined a lot of it.

After the Test series against Sri Lanka, they played a full series in Bangladesh, then against Ireland, Afghanistan, Australia, India, and the Netherlands.

The series against Australia is giving some hope to Zimbabwe, which is scheduled to be in August on Australia’s announced schedule. The T20 series with Afghanistan is scheduled for July-August.

Meanwhile, 36 cricketers have been divided into different groups and started training in Zimbabwe. Earlier, they were tested for coronavirus. Earlier, Zimbabwe announced the cancellation of the domestic season, but cricket has been suspended from March 16.

Zimbabwe Next series

Australia (Away, ODI), Sri Lanka (Away, ODI + T20), Pakistan (Away, ODI + T20)

ICC Tournament


T20 World Cup

Despite several discussions, the ICC has not yet come to a decision on the tournament. Host Australia’s board chief says this year’s T20 World Cup is “unrealistic or very difficult”. The chances of this tournament being held at the scheduled time are quite low. Well, we are seeing less chance of cricket returning to Australia after corona virus because the Australian board has said it is impossible to host the T20 world cup 2020 this year.

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At the end of the last board meeting, the ICC said that alternative arrangements are being considered for the T20 World Cup. The 16-team tournament is scheduled to be held in October-November this year. Various regional tournaments for the 2021 T20 World Cup have been postponed, as well as regional tournaments for the 2022 U-19 World Cup qualifiers and the 2023 World Cup qualifiers.


ICC Women’s 2021 World Cup

The girls’ World Cup is scheduled to take place in New Zealand in February-March next year. However, the qualifying round has already been postponed, which was supposed to take place in Sri Lanka in July. So in 2021, there is a high chance that cricket returning back to the grounds after the end of Corona virus.


Asia Cup

This year’s Asia Cup 2020 was scheduled to be held in Pakistan in September. Pakistan has asked Sri Lanka not to host this time, so far this is the information. Sri Lanka is also optimistic about hosting the tournament on time. So far, however, the Asian Cricket Council has not been able to confirm anything. Well there is no certain news about cricket returning to grounds after Corona virus.

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