Cricket Sri Lanka cracks down on corruption in LPL

Cricket Sri Lanka cracks down on corruption in LPL 

Cricket Sri Lanka cracks down on the corruption in LPL. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board said on Saturday that its board would take all necessary steps to protect the privacy of the Sri Lankan Premier League (LPL) 2020 tournament and prevent corruption and adopt a zero-tolerance policy against any wrongdoing.

The Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the SLC, in collaboration with the ICC Anti-Corruption Commission (ACSU), will play an active role in curbing all forms of corruption in the LPL. And the concerned officials will attend every match, event, and all kinds of official functions of LPL venues, hotels, tournaments to prevent all kinds of corruption in LPL.

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In a press release, SLC CEO Ashley de Silva said, “We urge them (Aksu and ACU) to ensure that players and match officials follow in the footsteps of the anti-corruption team to organize a clean and fair tournament.” Let him take care of that. ”

Hotline to prevent corruption

The SLC and ICC Anti-Corruption Units have set up a hotline system to notify the authorities of any suspicious or corrupt activity. There will be a (24×7) hotline throughout the tournament to conduct anti-corruption activities for all players and officials before the start of the tournament.

De Silva called a meeting with all team owners and officials on Friday to emphasize the importance of maintaining the privacy of the tournament.

“In addition to the anti-corruption units of the SLC and the ICC, the SLC will work with government security agencies to ensure that the tournament goes ahead without any corrupt activity as required, ” de Silva said.

Note that if all goes well, this tournament will be held on November 28. The final of the first event will be held on December 16.