Daniel Vettori will be in charge of the two teams

Daniel Vettori will be in charge of the two teams

In addition to the national team, Daniel Vettori will also give time to HP spinners on the net. HP chairman Naimur Rahman Durjoy said the decision was taken at yesterday’s meeting. Daniel Vettori will be in charge of the two teams. He will also advise spinners outside the national team who have BCB contracts with former New Zealand legend Vettori.

He will be given the opportunity to do the job under the management of the BCB Cricket Management Department. As it was a home series against Zimbabwe, it was done in Dhaka. Vettori gladly complied with the terms of the contract. He will have to watch two spin squads as the national team and HP squad goes to Sri Lanka together this time.

Along with Miraj-Taizul Islam, Aminul Islam Biplob, Minhazul Abedin Afridi, Rakibul Hasan, Hasan Murad, and Tanvir Islam will be given time in the net by the Tigers’ spin consultant. BCB has a contract with Vettori on 100 working days a year.

The former Kiwi captain also received a salary as of the day. Even if he doesn’t work during the national team series, he has to be honored. He is going to be put to good use in HP’s Lanka tour. HP does not have a spin coach. It is also a relief for HP management to get Vettori.

Naimur Rahman said, ‘Since it is in the contract, he will work with spinners outside the national team. In that case, the board is able to make good use of the opportunity. Do the work in the training session during the camp. If the national team enters the Test under Sri Lanka, it will not be possible anymore.

Then HPO will be separated to play a series with Sri Lanka’s HP squad. The national team and HP may have seven or eight spinners. The coaching staff will be able to sit down and decide how the spinners’ sessions will be.