Dhoni gave up his business seat to a Chennai support staff

Dhoni gave up his business class seat to a Chennai support staff 

MS Dhoni gave up his business class seat to a Chennai support staff named George John. In fact, everyone had a ticket in business class. But tickets were not allocated for George’s business class. So he had to sit in economy class. But George was having a hard time sitting in economy class because he is tall.

Dhoni then approached him and said, ‘Your legs are quite long. It will be difficult to sit here. You go and sit in my business class seat. I am sitting here. ” George then posted a video detailing the whole incident, saying, “Captain has always surprised me.”

How big is the mind of Mahendra Singh Dhoni! To be sure, Dhoni has a big heart. If not, how can he be established as a man of big mind again and again! On the field, he is a sportsman. Sportsman spirit is his religion to keep the market. But off the field 1 Here too he maintains the spirit.

Just as he is a great cricketer, so is a good man. And so, as a cricketer, as a human being, he surprised everyone again and again. Even if you are a former captain of the Indian team, you can give up your business class seat if not for one of the staff of the team!

He’s the captain. So he has his thoughts for every cricketer and support staff in the team. He has the responsibility to see their good and bad, advantages and disadvantages. He has left the responsibility of the national team. He has also announced that he will no longer play international cricket. But he is still the captain of Chennai in the IPL. And so he has his eye on the advantages and disadvantages of everyone in Chennai.

The entire team including MS Dhoni has reached Dubai. They have also started practising there. But before reaching Dubai, Dhoni has won the hearts of many people by air. He always does that. Can win hearts easily. Whether it is with his game or in use!