Dream 11 reluctant to consider themselves as Chinese companies

Dream 11 reluctant to consider themselves as Chinese companies

The new company in the IPL. But even after the announcement of the new sponsor of the IPL, many have started raising questions. Many claims that the newly sponsored company also has shares of Chinese people. In turn, Chinese money is being invested in the IPL. Then what does it mean to remove Vivo from sponsorship? What a show! The new sponsor of the IPL Dream 11 is reluctant to consider themselves as Chinese companies. Their direct question is, ‘Who said we are Chinese companies!’ Before the start of the IPL, the captains of the organization are quite upset.

The company has become the main sponsor of the IPL this time with a contract worth Tk 222 crore. A spokesman for the organization said, “We are an Indian company. We grew up in the Indian market. Our company employs 400 Indians. Indians are responsible for managing this organization.

For no reason, we are being branded as Chinese companies. Most of the investors in our company are Indians. Everything from production to management of the company depends on the Indian context. Then why such a question arises! ”

However, the spokesman could not deny that China has no stake in the newly sponsored company. “One of our investors is from China,” he said. However, his share in the company is very low. This does not mean that our company is run on Chinese money!

The company, which runs the Fantasy League sports platform, is proud to be the IPL sponsor this time. The leaders of the organization think that this year’s IPL in Dubai will break all previous records. Note that the 13th edition of IPL is starting from September 19. It will continue till November 10.