England Tours of Australia in September 2020

England Tours of Australia in September 2020

Corona later returned to West Indies-England international cricket but has yet to return to Australia. However, England tours of Australia in September 2020. The Smith-Warners will return to the field with that tour. Australia is scheduled to play three ODIs and a Twenty20 match against England in that tour.

However, despite the coronavirus outbreak, Ajid did not have to go to England and stay in quarantine. Smith-Warner-Finch has not been instructed by the English government to remain in quarantine, according to Australian media.

The West Indies and Pakistan cricket teams are currently in England. Arriving in England on 6 June, the West Indies remain in quarantine. The Caribbean started the Test series on July 7. The subcontinental team in Pakistan reached England at the end of June. Then Pakistan went to quarantine. Pakistan will start the series against England from August 5.

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The West Indies and Pakistan teams are in quarantine for the tour of England, but Australia does not have to stay. That’s what the Australian media has reported. They said no instructions had been given by the England government to keep Australian cricketers in quarantine.

Australia will start the T20 series with a tour of England in September. The T20 series will start from September 4. The ODI series will start from September 10. Meanwhile, Australia has also announced a 26-member squad for the tour of England.