Esports on smartphones soon to be more popular than on PCs

Esports on smartphones soon to be more popular than on PCs

The smartphone is the most widely used video game console in the world, ahead of the PS4, Xbox One, and even PCs. But if we generally associate smartphone games with casual gaming, Esports on smartphones soon to be more popular than on PCs.

According to a study commissioned by, a sort of Trustpilot for sports betting sites, eSports mobile games generated $ 19.5 billion in revenue worldwide in 2019. A 27% increase compared to 2018 which allows eSports mobile games account for more than 25% of total mobile game market revenue.

We are talking about competitive and therefore multiplayer games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile, and others. Such is the growth that the study even predicts that the eSports mobile gaming industry is poised to overtake the PC gaming industry in terms of revenue. In 2018, PC eSports titles generated $ 16.1 billion in gross revenue.


Export on consoles and PC is still far ahead

Similar trends can be seen for mobile games in general, compared to PC / console games. In France alone, the mobile ecosystem has for the first time exceeded one billion euros in turnover in 2019, an increase of 28%, according to the SELL (Syndicate of leisure software publishers).

The SafeBettingSites study predicts that by the end of 2020 the revenue share of the PC games market will be only 23%, while that of console games will be 31%. On the other hand, games on smartphones and tablets will increase by 46%. By 2022, they will represent more than half of the gaming market’s revenue.

Without falling into speculation, we can already see several signals that the smartphone eSport scene is being organized. Call of Duty: Mobile has been organizing a world championship sponsored by Sony Xperia since last July with a prize pool (the accumulated total of rewards shared by the winners) of $ 1 million.

PUBG Mobile goes one step further. To celebrate its major September update, the publisher will be hosting a big tournament with a $ 2 million prize pool, this time with Qualcomm as its official sponsor.

Admittedly, we are still a long way from the $ 34 billion rewards for The International tournament on Dota 2, a PC game, to be held in 2021. The main obstacle to eSports on smartphones is the catalog of games available, which aims mostly casual gamers.

Gradually getting out of this casualization of mobile gaming and involving players with gameplay deep enough to make them want to improve, become better and therefore be competitive is in my opinion the major challenge for this platform to prevail in the sport.