Far Cry 6 Leaks and release date

Ubisoft is not lucky to announce its games. After Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s time for leaks about Far Cry 6. All information is unofficial but rather reliable. The source of the leak is Hong Kong’s PlayStation Store. Far Cry 6 rumors, Ubisoft is unlikely to surprise us anymore. It does not change the fact that the latest part of the hit series promises to be honey!


Far Cry 6 Rumors and Leaks 

I must admit that I have been an enthusiast of the series for a long time, i.e. from the first part (which is nothing like what we experience today). After the surprisingly successful Far Cry 5 and it’s outstanding (for me) setting, I thought that Ubisoft would have a real challenge to beat its predecessor. Although it has been unofficially talked about the new Far Cry for some time, only today we have seen the “leak” reported by players from Hong Kong. The source is the local PlayStation Store this time.


Far Cry 6 Release Date

It seems that we are about to return to the roots of the series. This time, the main place of action will be the fictional island of Yara, full of beaches, jungles, and with the capital in a huge city – Esperanza. What would Far Cry be without a characteristic dictator? This time it is Anton Castillo (in this role, according to earlier leaks, the actor is known from, among others, Breaking Bad, or Giancarlo Esposito), who, together with his son Diego, rule Yara irrevocably and regardless of the cost. We play the role of a fighter (or probably a fighter) for freedom named Dani Rojas.

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According to leaks, Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18, 2021. Ubisoft promises the largest map in the history of the series, many new vehicles, and the possibility of using makeshift weapons. We also know that the game will offer a singleplayer in offline mode and co-op for two players online.