Ferrari launches esports competition

Ferrari launches Esports competition

Ferrari launches its own esports competition. The winner of the Ferrari Hublot Esports series, a competition open to the public, will have the opportunity to join the Ferrari Simracers training track.

Ferrari first participated in the official Formula 1 Esports championship last year and they are now plunging further into the world of digital racing. The Ferrari Hublot Esports series is organized for both amateurs and professional drivers, using the Assetto Corsa game.

A series of events are planned for the fall and drivers will use an exclusive Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo. Anyone with a European passport over the age of 18 can enter the amateur competition. Registration opens in August and the first qualifying rounds are scheduled for September.

The best participants in the first phase of the competition will advance to the next round in October, completing a series of events that will also include professional drivers invited by Ferrari. F1 driver Charles Leclerc must also advise participants throughout the series. The finals take place in November. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to join the Ferrari Driver Academy Hublot Esports team in 2021.

Nicola Board, responsible for brand diversification at Ferrari, believes it is a logical step for Ferrari to create an esports championship after entering the F1 championship in 2019. “We started our F1 experience last year and we won. , and I think it is now a natural step to establish our own Championship, “said Boari. “It is very similar to what we already have in reality, so it is a natural step. Hopefully, it will also be the first in a longer series. ”

Although the first-year entry is limited to Europe, Ferrari hopes to open the championship to people from other continents, and can also organize tournaments once crown restrictions are eased. “I think Ferrari has a lot of room to establish its own championship,” continues Boari.

“I already said that we will start in Europe only this year, but we definitely plan to expand in the future. And another very important part that we hope to implement after COVID-19 is to organize our own tournaments with live performances. to be something that can make our championship unique. “