Footballer has to make a living by working as a laborer

Footballer has to make a living by working as a laborer

Identify their footballers. They are known in Dhaka League. They have a great reputation as footballers in their own area and in the field of Khap. They have earned good money. But the epidemic has put them on the road today. Changed identity and profession. Some of them are driving auto-rickshaws out of hunger. Someone is a mason.

Now a footballer has to make a living by working as a laborer or as a laborer. With the tea shop, the footballers have to work as rickshaw repair workers. Those who had the dream of brightening the country’s honor by wearing red and green jerseys in their eyes today have an uncertain future.

The Bangladesh Premier League was closed after March 15 while it was still running. The second tier of the professional league, the Bangladesh Championship League, was to be held in June. The Dhaka Metropolitan Senior Division League, Second Division and Third Division League also did not allow the epidemic to spread.

The Chittagong League has also closed with these leagues. In addition to league matches, another source of additional income for footballers was playing in various tournaments in different districts. That too is closed. So footballers in other professions are forced.

The first division team is Basabo Tarun Sangha. Asif Sheikh used to play in this club. This footballer from Khulna is now working on the banks of the river Rupsha. Asif informed, ‘I take 60 sacks of 70/75 kg from the truck to the godown at the rate of 5 rupees per sack. From this, I get 300/400 rupees a day. With that, we have to run the feeding phase. ‘ Bogra’s son midfielder Al Amin played in the last Bangladesh Championship League (BCL) for T&T Club Motijheel.

This footballer is now spending his days driving auto-rickshaws on the road. He said, “I get about 300 rupees a day by pulling passengers in this rented vehicle.” Another footballer striker in this district is Rajib Ahmed. He was supposed to play for Fortis Academy in this year’s Championship League.

As there was no change of team in this league due to the situation, now he is in charge of Raj Mistry. If you have this job, 3/4 hundred rupees per day. Masum Mia of Narsingdi, who played in the last BCL at Youngmen’s Club Fakirerpool, was to play at Agrani Bank this time. Now he is working as a mason. It comes to his pocket 5 hundred rupees a day. And if you do it half-day, 250 rupees. He gave me the information. Mizanur Rahman, another midfielder from Bogra who could not play for Fortis, is now working on making rickshaws.

Tipu, the goalkeeper of Khilgaon Football Academy, the third division team, is now trying to provide two meals a day through a tea shop in Barguna. Mofiullah, the striker of Bangladesh Boys, the first division team, is now working as a mason in Jessore. Drink four-and-a-half hundred rupees a day. Ashamed, he did not want to give a picture. He said that a footballer will work as a building construction worker. I am still doing this saying that there is no other way.