Government asked the South African Cricket Board to Step Down

Government asked the South African Cricket Board to Step Down

The South African cricket board and its top officials have been asked to step down. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic (SASCOC), the country’s highest governing body for all sports, has instructed the committee; According to them, the allegations of mismanagement and chaos in the board since December 2019. This news has been confirmed by Cricinfo.

It is yet to be ascertained whether the directive falls under government interference in the ICC’s Code of Conduct. However, the ICC could ban South Africa from international cricket. Earlier, the ICC banned Zimbabwe for the same reason, although Zimbabwe later regained membership.

The Olympic Committee is taking control of the country’s cricket through this decision. According to the report, the decision was taken unanimously at a meeting on Tuesday by the SASCOC, who said the “cricket board has made the country’s cricket controversial”. An inquiry committee will now be formed, which will report within a month. But for now, there will be no one but the government to run the cricket board.

“The CSA (Cricket South Africa) board and senior executives who are on board have been asked to step down from their CSA responsibilities,” the letter said.

CSA chief executive Thabang Moroke was suspended in December 2019. He has recently been removed for “serious misconduct”. However, the decision was not made public by the cricket board on the basis of the ‘forensic report’.

The Olympic Committee also said it did not want to see the report behind its decision. “The SASCOC has tried to tell the CSA board about these issues in two meetings,” he said. One is under investigation, and the other has largely failed because the CSA failed to show the Fundudge forensic report despite its promise. ”

“The CSA has received a letter from us stating that the board’s decision to report only to a limited extent to the president and board members of the SASCOC is completely unreasonable considering the nature and scope of this report.”

“It has certainly created a lot of uncertainty among your own members, current and former Proteas national team members, stakeholders, sponsors, and cricket-loving people. No doubt, it has lost the confidence of cricket – the people, the stakeholders, the sponsors, and the cricketers represented by the South African Cricketers Association. “All in all, cricket has been tarnished,” the letter said.

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, lockdown is now underway in South Africa. However, South Africa has so far not been able to secure any schedule ahead, whether domestic or international, despite the obstacles in the competitive game. This decision of the government pushed the cricket of the country in the midst of more uncertainty.