Home News Hashim Amla stands with Lungi Ngidi against racism

Hashim Amla stands with Lungi Ngidi against racism

Hashim Amla stands with Lungi Ngidi against racism

Hashim Amla stands with Lungi Ngidi, a South African fast bowler who has taken a stand against racism. The former star cricketer of the country thinks that everyone should take a stand against caste discrimination. He also gave a clear religious explanation of his position.

Amla wrote on official Instagram, ‘It is known in Islamic tradition that the first human Adam (AS) was black. As a result, all people have a root relationship with this caste. And as black, everyone has to maintain zero value. ‘‘This makes it even clearer for those who believe in their black lineage that blacks dominate whites or whites dominate blacks or any other race. Yes, all this is nothing but true confusion. ‘ Concluding this Hashim Amla also take and step against racism and stands with his teammate Lungi Ngidi.

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Mentioning himself as a witness to such a thing, Amla added, ‘However, many of us, including me, have faced this confusion. And there are so many weird all-around stories. Which makes the initiative taken by young people like Lungi Ngidi commendable. Thank you brother, thank you to all the others who are joining this movement on their own initiative. ‘

The first man to be created as a Muslim from the place of religious belief is called Hazrat Adam (AS). Because he was black, no matter what caste people are born with, according to the bureaucrats, they are also black. As a result, the 36-year-old former cricketer said that he should join the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, ‘Why is the Black Lives Matter relevant to us? Because we are all black (I think so anyway). I am with those who are oppressed. I support Lungi NGD. ‘

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