Holder wants the same punishment for racism like doping and fixing

George Floyd, a black man who recently returned to the United States after being racially abused by the police. Then there are the stars of various arenas around the world who are quite vocal on the issue of racism. Cricketers are also giving active positions. Caribbean stars, in particular, have spoken out in protest from the beginning. West Indies captain Jason Holder wants same punishment for the accused. According to him, a person guilty of racism should be given the same punishment as match-fixers or dopers.

ICC law, however, provides for a lifetime ban on those accused of racist behaviour. Although the punishment of the offender is not applied according to place, time and vessel.

“I don’t think the punishment for doping or corruption should be different in racism,” Holder told BBC Sports. Caribbean cricketers have to suffer a lot of racism on the cricket field as they are black. Black cricketers in any country, not just the Caribbean, sometimes face discrimination. The West Indies captain is in favour of being equal this time, ‘We also have problems in the game. But of course, we deserve equal treatment which is why Jason Holder wants the same punishment as for match-fixing.’

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Initially, the ICC usually suspends 4-6 matches as punishment for racism. With two suspension points which means the equivalent of a Test, two ODI or T20 match ban. There are also instances of punishment for racist behaviour.

Former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was caught red-handed last year for making racist remarks against South African pacer Andile Felukwayo. Addressing Felukwaio, who came to bat during an ODI match, Sarfaraz said, ‘Where is your mother today? What did you ask him to pray for today? ‘

The Pakistani wicket-keeper-batsman also apologized in the face of the movement’s cannon after the incident. But he could not get a pass from the ICC, which took a tough stance. Banned for four matches. He also had to take part in an anti-apartheid workshop of the ICC.

Even after all this, racist behaviour has not stopped. The ICC usually conducts anti-corruption and anti-doping workshops before the start of a series. The 27-year-old holder also proposed to start a workshop on the eradication of racism.

“Anti-doping and anti-corruption briefings should be preceded by a series of anti-racism workshops,” he said. My message is to give enough education in this regard.

‘Personally, I have never had such an experience. However, I have heard and seen many such incidents in the vicinity. It’s something you can’t stand to see. ‘