I don't have any Big Three says ICC New Chairman Greg Barkeley

I don’t have any Big Three says ICC New Chairman Greg Barkeley

Greg Berkeley, the head of the New Zealand Cricket Board, has been elected the new chairman of the ICC, the governing body of world cricket. Voting in the chairman election has been twice. The new chairman of ICC Greg Barkeley says that “I don’t have any big three” and don’t believe in the big three theory.

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In the Big Three theory, an amendment was made to the ICC constitution with England, Australia, and India as the main powers. These three countries were the most powerful in the two committees on executive and finance. As a result, they had the power to make whatever decisions they wanted.

The interests of the rest of the countries were little seen. As a result, the ‘Big Three’ theory did not end up in the face of objections from the rest of the ICC members. However, in the newly arranged FTP, the interests of these three countries have been seen in the strategy, benefiting others as well.

The big teams have to give some advantage, that’s the reality. Greg Berkeley, the newly elected chairman of the ICC, agrees. However, he is reluctant to call anyone different by saying ‘Big Three’. Speaking of Berkeley, ‘Many media outlets may have made a fuss about the Big Three theory. But I don’t believe it. ‘

The new ICC chairman added, ‘I don’t have any Big Three. They are merely members of the ICC. Of course, they are important members. They are an influential force in many aspects of cricket. It is a huge benefit to have these teams as the host of an event or to be on the opposing team. But they are all members of the ICC. They are important, but not so much that others have to be excluded. ‘

Berkeley got 10 votes for the first time but needed 11 votes to be elected according to the rules. Greg Berkeley was elected the new chairman with 11 votes after the second round of voting.