ICC Changed the Rules of World Test Championship

ICC Changed the Rules of World Test Championship

Several series of the ICC World Test Championship has been ruined by the deadly coronavirus that has spread worldwide. Which are no longer possible to be arranged before the scheduled date of the final. As a result, ICC has changed the rules of the World Test Championship for selecting two-Test finalists at the scheduled time changed the way the ICC World Test championship was selected.

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The new rules were approved at a meeting of the ICC’s chief executive committee following a recommendation by a cricket committee headed by former India captain Anil Kumble. The ICC said in a press release.

Initially, all the teams were to play six series in the ICC World Test Championship. The two finalist teams were to be determined on the basis of points. However, everything has turned upside down in Corona. Series after series has been canceled. As a result, the ICC leaned towards alternative rules.

Under the new rules, the finalists will be selected by calculating the percentage or rate of points instead of points. In other words, the two finalists will be decided on the basis of the percentage of points earned in the series that the participating teams can play within the specified time.

The Australian cricket team is currently at the top in terms of points rate. The Aussies’ points rate in the three series is 82.22 percent. India is in second place with 85.00 percent in four series. England is at number three with 80.83 percent in four series. And Bangladesh is at the bottom of this list. Despite playing three matches, Bangladesh has not seen any points yet.