Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan praised Indian Cricket

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Praised Indian Cricket Upon Their Second Test Win Against England 

The Indian cricket team has a rare record of winning a Test series on Australian soil in the first month of January this year after the coronavirus. Not only that, for the last three-four years, India’s continued success in world cricket has impressed. This time, former Pakistan captain and current Prime Minister Imran Khan praised Indian cricket.

“India has a great infrastructure and a plan,” Imran told reporters in Islamabad, noting that Indians are ruling the cricket world today because of infrastructural improvements. It is because of this infrastructure that Indian cricket is ruling world cricket today. Cricket is dominating the world. Getting big success. The series win, despite being bowled out for 36 on Australian soil, is certainly commendable.

Imran said that the path that India is taking is the right one. And if it continues like this, India will get more success in world cricket. “India is on the right track,” he said. They will become a more formidable team in the future. India is no longer just a batsman or spin-dependent team. India is now a fast bowler-dependent team. The improvement in Indian cricket is eye-catching.

Like India, Imran feels that his country’s cricket needs to improve. “We have to build a structure like India’s,” he said. We have to start working to find new talents and build them. Pakistan cricket also has a lot of talent. But lack of infrastructure and planning. So we have lagged far behind in the last ten years. We could not be the best team in the world like India.

He further said, “Necessary infrastructural development of Pakistan cricket has started. I think the kind of systematic reform we have brought will yield good results in the next two to three years. We can also become one of the best teams in the world.

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