International Cricket cannot be played under the age of 15

International Cricket cannot be played under the age of 15

The International Cricket Council ICC has introduced new rules for cricket. From now on, if you are under 15, you will not be able to play international cricket. Not only international cricket, but also under-19 teams cannot be played.

The ICC said in a press release that there was no previous age limit for playing international cricket. But, the highest governing body of world cricket has changed that place. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the protection of the physical and mental health of the players.

Because, at this age, there is considerable doubt as to whether cricketers will be able to cope with the pressures of international play. For which the ICC has bound this rule. The same rules will apply to both men and women.

However, the ICC also has a chance to play under-15 cricketers. For this, the member countries have to apply to the ICC. The ICC will exempt players from playing if they have evidence of experience, mental development, and well-being.

Hasan Raja of Pakistan has made his debut as the youngest cricketer in the world so far in 14 years and 228 days. In addition, two other cricketers under the age of 15 have made their debuts in international cricket. They are Romanian cricketer Marian and Kuwaiti cricketer Bhavsar.