IPL 2020 Costs more than Rs 100 crore to UAE

IPL 2020 Costs more than Rs 100 crore

Will the annual IPL T20 League series in India be postponed several times this year for the 13th season due to corona damage and then take place at some point? Does not take place? Was in doubt. But with the proper planning of the BCCI and the proper guidance of the executives, the current IPL series is well organized in the UAE and is now successfully completed. According to the latest reports, IPL 2020 costs more than Rs 100 Crore.

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The overall series took place at only 3 venues: Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. In addition, the players, coaches, administrators, and staff of all the playing teams were provided with a Bio Bubble ring, and all their accommodation, training halls, and grounds were organized and kept under control for almost two months.

In this case, the series is currently being conducted with such restrictions that the BCCI has been charged with the costs of the series is high. Accordingly, it has been reported that the BCCI has paid Rs 100 crore to the management of the United Arab Emirates for hosting this IPL series. Eight state teams used their own venues during regular matches in India. So one crore rupees per match will be given to the respective state administration as a match fee.

It is noteworthy that the entertainment tax will be waived and up to one crore rupees per match will be charged. But this time the total matches have been conducted by the UAE administration and it has been reported that a fee of Rs 100 crore has been paid.

Apart from this Rs 100 crore, all the players had booked 14 five-star hotels for three months to stay.  This has cost many more crores. The series is said to have generated enough revenue for the UAE even though fans did not watch the match. It is noteworthy that the rate of profit is said to have declined though the BCCI management has not suffered any loss through this series.