IPL 2020 all matches to be played in Mumbai

Uncertainty over the 13th edition of Indian Premier League cricket is not over yet. The IPL was supposed to start at the end of last March but it was not due to coronavirus. The BCCI is thinking of starting the IPL next September-October. BCCI wants to host the IPL 2020 this year by any means and all the matches of IPL 2020 is to be played in one city Mumbai. To avoid coronavirus infection, all the matches of the IPL are being planned in one city of the country.

A few days ago, Sri Lanka had said that it was ready to host the IPL. BCCI officials are in favor of hosting the IPL, whether in Sri Lanka or the United Arab Emirates. Coronavirus is not improving in India. On the contrary, the situation is getting worse day by day.

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If the next T20 World Cup is not held at the scheduled time, the BCCI will go-ahead to host the IPL at that time. In that case, the Indian board wants to organize this franchise-based league in one of the venues of their country. And that city is Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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There are 4 modern and international standard stadiums in Mumbai. Officials of the Indian Cricket Board are thinking that Corona will organize all the matches of the IPL at all four grounds in Mumbai to avoid the risk. Because cricketers have to travel from one city to another, they have to abide by quarantine. In that case, it will not be possible to organize IPL.

However, the situation in Mumbai’s Corona is not at all satisfactory. The situation is being considered. The BCCI is trying to roll the IPL. In that case, according to the health rules, the spectators are thinking of organizing the stadium. If the cricketers stay together in Mumbai, they don’t have to go to another city, they don’t have to worry about quarantine. Corona risk can also be avoided.

A BCCI official told a media in the country, “Whether the IPL will be held by October or not, the discussion is at an early stage. Besides, we have to see the situation in Mumbai at that time. The city has four world-class stadiums. So if all the matches of IPL 2020 is to be played in one place Mumbai, it will be beneficial for everyone.