Jahanara has turned down offers for two movies

Jahanara has turned down offers for two movies

Besides playing cricket, he has conducted cricket related programs. He has also acted in plays. However, the star cricketer of the Bangladesh national women’s team Jahanara Alam did not stand in front of the camera for cricket as she has turned down offers for two movies.

He recently gave an interview to the popular Indian newspaper Anandabazar. In response to a question there, Jahanara said that after doing the drama, she also got an offer to act in two movies. However, he did not step on it thinking about cricket.

Originally, there was an uproar about Jahanara since the T20 World Cup. Praise begins all around. Discussions were made about Jahanara wearing Kajal in the T20 World Cup. Although he already uses Kajal in the eyes.

In this regard, Jahanara said, “Honestly, I did not understand that after the India match in the T20 World Cup, I will practice so much with my kajal-wearing eyes.” But I have been playing cricket since the beginning of cricket (2006). However, while playing in the ICC World Cup, I noticed more and more.
He added, “I like it.” But what’s better is that everyone’s focus on women’s cricket has increased. This is the positive side. But when it comes to my performance, it feels better.

Jahanara Alam, 26, said about acting, “I love cricket so much that I can’t think of any other profession besides cricket.” I did the play because of many requests. You can say I did the drama for a change of taste. After that many people offered to do drama. There were also offers to act in two movies. But I gave back. I don’t want to focus on anything else. Then the focus will shift from cricket. And I don’t want that in any way.