People asking Justice for the Shakib's daughter Alaina

People asking Justice for the Shakib’s daughter Alaina

For the last two days, a picture of Shakib’s daughter Alaina has been circulating through social media. Screenshots of some of the offensive comments attached to the photo. After that, many people posted on social media including Facebook asking for proper justice for Shakib’s Daughter Alaina and wants to arrest the offending commenters.

The Cyber ​​Securities and Crime Division (CTCC, DMP) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police has responded. CTCC, DMP confirmed on their official Facebook page that offensive commenters are being brought under the law. Working for him. In the end, Shakib Al Hasan’s wife Umme Ahmed Shishir opened her mouth about the issue.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Shishir wrote on Facebook on Friday night. We were not even embarrassed by it. As a public figure, many of our fans and supporters, as well as many well-wishers, dislike it again. It’s like a complete package.

We are always at the centre of people’s interest and that’s good. Many celebrities in the world face serious issues but in other countries, they do not have enough time to find 4-5 bad comments out of thousands of good comments.

I’m not thinking about those commenters because we’re not embarrassed by them, I’m thinking about the admins of those pages who have found those four comments and made a small issue bigger. The higher authorities are working on the matter. Make some improvements to your page! Nothing will affect our enthusiasm and way of life because this trivial matter did not embarrass us at all.