Justin Langer advice youngsters to Quit Social Media to See Success

Justin Langer advice youngsters to Quit Social Media to See Success

Australian coach and legendary batsman Justin Langer advice youngsters to quit social media in order to see success in international cricket. The Aussie legend has suggested that cricketers have been harassed in various ways through social media in recent times.

“If a young person I want to give advice or is asked to give,” he said. I will say one thing ‘Zero social media’.

Langer is clear, I’m talking about that because I have to evaluate my game. I would definitely not give a stranger a chance to evaluate his own performance. If I play well I will understand, if I play badly I will understand. I will not give anyone else a chance to say how I am.

‘Only family-friends or those I play with will talk about my game. And I will only listen to them. ‘

The Aussie coach made the remarks in the recent case of young England fast bowler Joffre Archer. Archer alleged that he was subjected to racism on Instagram through social media during the recent Test series against the West Indies. Earlier, he was also a victim of racism during the World Cup.

Langer said Australian cricketers were also harassed on social media during the World Cup and Ashes series.

In the context of criticizing cricketers on social media, Langer said they criticize people who work hard on the field. That’s what they say. It is very sad as well as ridiculous.