Kamran Khan will try his luck to return in IPL next season

After a seven-year hiatus in main cricket, Kamran Khan has admitted that he would try his luck at trial in an attempt to return to the IPL next season. He also recalled his days with Rajasthan Royals before crediting Shane Warne for trusting him immensely with the ball.

The lanky rhythm of the left arm made headlines thanks to its quirky action and express pace for the Rajasthani Royals in the 2009 edition of the IPL. However, since his exemplary season in which he impressed everyone, Kamran Khan has fallen in the rankings, been frozen out of competition and has even ventured into agriculture. However, before the 2021 edition of the tournament, the Uttar Pradesh player promised to return in the prestigious competition.

Kamran also admitted that he has been working hard on his fitness and bowling while keeping his pace around the 140km / h mark. In addition, Kamran Khan also revealed that he could play two games for Uttar Pradesh in the national competition later this year and is hoping to return in IPL next season.

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“I want to start my cricket journey once again and that is why I am working hard on my fitness and precision to bring down New Yorkers as they are the ultimate weapon in the Twenty20 game. I could only play two games for Uttar Pradesh and that too in the shorter version of the game, but now I also wish to play the longer version. Certainly, I will try my luck at the trials next season and I will also make an effort to organize a return to the IPL, ”he told the Hindustan Times.

However, as he looked ahead, the left-arm pacemaker recalled his days with the Royals under the command of Australian spinner Shane Warne. By crediting Warne’s captaincy, the player admitted that Warne remains one of his role models and thanked the spinner for showing faith in him.

The clash between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2009 edition remains an iconic encounter in the history of the competition. Defending seven runs the last time, against Sourav Ganguly, the left-arm pacemaker conceded only six runs and picked up two crucial wickets to lead the match to the super-over, where the double Rs were victorious. In his four-envelope spell, Kamran only gave away 18 runs and collected three crucial wickets.

“I still remember the day Captain Shane Warne threw the ball at me and asked me to do my best. I was only 18 years old and suddenly I was in a bind as KKR needed only seven of the last time and Dada (Ganguly) was in the fold, “he added.

“The footprints of Newlands in South Africa, where I overturned it, still remind me of what I was able to accomplish in the game that day. Warne has still been a role model and I only remember his faith in me that day, ”he concluded.