KL Rahul might got a chance in India vs Australia 2020 Series

KL Rahul might get a chance in India vs Australia 2020 Series 

Some former cricketers of the Indian team have been commenting on the players who will replace Mahendra Singh Dhoni after he announced his retirement from international cricket. India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently announced his retirement from cricket. In this situation, there is fierce competition to replace the wicketkeeper and batsman to replace him. According to the sources, KL Rahul might get a chance to play in India vs Australia 2020 Series.

There is a fierce rivalry between KL Rahul Rishabh Bandh and Sanju Samson. KL Rahul of India has topped the list of highest run-scorers in the ongoing IPL series. It seems that he will be given priority to be the wicket-keeper and batsman. Cricket sources say that he will also get a chance in the upcoming Australian series. There is no doubt that KL Rahul will shine as a permanent wicket-keeper in the Indian team if he shows his best in the three ODIs and Tests currently being played against Australia. He made his debut as a newcomer to the Australian-Indian team in 2014-15, scoring a century in his second Test.

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KL Rahul has scored just 57 runs in 3 Tests in 2018-19. This is his third trip to Australia. Following this, he will play better in the upcoming matches and retain his place in the Indian team. There is no change in that. Former India captains Ajay Ratra and Gavaskar spoke on the occasion: KL Rahul has been hailed as a wicket-keeper and batsman in the ongoing IPL series.

KL Rahul will be the wicket-keeper for all the upcoming matches. Gavaskar said it was not right to see KL Rahul as a temporary keeper and asked him to be given the post of permanent wicket-keeper. He said the wicket-keeper and batsman would be followed by Sanju Samson and Rishabh Bandh.

Both of them have shown their talent by playing well in the ongoing IPL series. Rishabh Bandh has shown his best in the ongoing match. Former Indian cricketers have also said that they are not satisfied with Samson’s performance.