KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi Renamed as Shoaib Akhtar Cricket Stadium

KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi Renamed as Shoaib Akhtar Cricket Stadium 

The Khan Research Laboratories KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi renamed after Shoaib Akhtar cricket stadium. The former star cricketer, popularly known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’, is overjoyed at the naming of the stadium after his birthplace. Shoaib himself informed the matter through social media.

The naming of the gallery stands, or entire stadiums after legendary sports stars is nothing new. However, such incidents are quite rare in Pakistan cricket. And former ‘Speed ​​Star’ Shoaib Akhtar got that rare honor.

Shoaib Akhtar wrote on Facebook, ‘I am honored to have renamed the historic KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi as Shoaib Akhtar Stadium. I have never been in a situation like losing my language, but that is what has happened today.

The love I have received from everyone over the years is not really expressed in words. I have always tried my best to serve Pakistan. I have tried to keep our flag high. Still every day I proudly hold the star in my chest.

The KRL Stadium is mainly used for playing cricket and football. The stadium, which has a capacity of 6,000 spectators, currently hosts domestic football league matches. The Pakistan Premier League team is used as the home ground of KRL FC.

First-class and List ‘A’ cricket is also played on this ground. It is also the home ground of the Khan Research Laboratories cricket team. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that the stadium will be used as a venue for the 2019 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy match.