Lungi Ngidi supports Black Lives Matter movement

South African fast bowler Lungi Ngidi supports Black Lives Matter. Some former South African cricketers cannot agree with Lungi Ngidi. They claim that whites are also being tortured to death in the country. If they want to make a movement, they have to protest.

Protests are going on all over the world after the death of a black man named George Floyd in America. Cricketers in an active position from the beginning. Caribbean cricketers in particular are taking a stand against caste discrimination in many ways. Others agree, with both teams taking part in the ongoing England-West Indies Test.

The 24-year-old Ngidi said last week, “This (‘Black Lives Matter’) is something that we as a team should unite and support.” And if we can’t do that, it’s definitely something I’ll bring up. This is something we need to take seriously. As the rest of the world is doing. We should create a position. ‘ Lungi Ngidi says while he comes out to supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

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In the wake of his remarks, former South African batsman Rudy Stein indirectly raised the issue of whites being victims of racism. The 53-year-old former Proteas cricketer said: “I believe the Proteas should stand up against racism. But if anyone goes to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement ignoring the way white farmers are losing their lives like animals, I will not vote for them.

Another former South African batsman, Boeta Diepner, sees Black Lives Matter as a leftist movement. “I am afraid to say that Black Lives Matter is nothing but a leftist political movement. I would advise Lungi Ngidi to hear more about people like Thomas Sowell, Laby Elder, Walter Williams, and Milton Friedman. ‘

‘All life is important. Lungi Ngidi If you want me to join you in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, then first join me on the issue of arbitrary deaths on the farm. ‘

Former Proteas spinner Pat Simcox also called NGD’s offers a no-brainer. The 70-year-old former cricketer said, ‘What nonsense is this? He can present his own position if he wants to. But he needs to stop trying to get others into his team. This is the issue that needs to be addressed in South Africa at the moment.