Manchester City will be the best Club for Messi

Manchester City will be the best Club for Messi

In an interview with Sky Sports, Alvaro Montero, a Spanish footballer, said that if Messi left the club, Manchester City would be the ideal club for him. Since the Premier League is the best league in the world and since Guardiola is already in City, I think the City will be the best club for Messi. The Messi-Guardiola duo has brought a lot to Barca, probably the best team in history. I would say that City are the most likely to take Messi. They are running ahead. ‘

Lionel Messi has already spoken to Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola. Everyone knows this news. But it is not known what happened. However, there is a hint that the talk has been positive.

Manchester City fans have already started believing that Messi is coming. Sergio Aguero, Messi’s best friend since childhood, gave them that confidence. He has left ‘Number Ten’ with the joy of being reunited with his friend Messi in his club career. From Instagram for now.

On social media, Instagram, Argentine striker Sergio Aguero’s name was ‘Cunaguera 10’. Because you don’t have to worry. Although Aguero did not play for Argentina in the number ten jersey, the former Atletico Madrid striker played for Man City in the number ten jersey. In Messi City, he will no longer be number ten. Aguero doesn’t even want to wear that jersey. That’s why he left the number ten before Messi came.


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