Mashrafe younger brother also tested positive.

Mashrafe bin Mortuza, one of the most successful ODI captains of Bangladesh, tested positive in the Corona Test on June 20. Then other family members were also tested. Although his two children were negative, Mashrafe younger brother Morsalin bin Mortuza tested positive.

Mashrafe sent his two children to his village home in Narail soon after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. There, along with his parents, Corona was examined by his son the Sahel, daughter Humaira and his younger brother Morsalin. In the report that came today (June 23), all 4 parents and two children proved to be negative.

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However, Mashrafe younger brother Morsalin Min Mortuza tested positive. A day ago, he himself said that there is a strong possibility that he will not be able to corona as he has been with his elder brother Mashrafe for the last few days. In a post on Facebook, he wrote, “The chances of me not having a corona are very slim because I’ve been together for the past few days.”

Morsalin also said in his Facebook post that Corona became positive two days later. However, family sources have confirmed that Mashrafe’s parents and two children have tested negative in the Corona Test.

Although all the family members have gone home to the village, Mashrafe’s wife Sumna Haque Sumi is still in Dhaka to take care of her husband. He also had a corona test although the results are not yet known.

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Meanwhile, it is learned that Mashrafe, who tested positive for corona on June 20, is undergoing treatment at home. His condition did not deteriorate but he went to the hospital as part of a regular check-up. It is also learned that an X-ray was done at CMH Hospital in the capital yesterday (June 22) afternoon.