Home News More than 50 match fixing cases under investigation

More than 50 match fixing cases under investigation

More than 50 match fixing cases under investigation

Despite the development of technology and strict surveillance by the ICC, the harassment of gamblers in cricket is not going to stop. In the face of the fixing issue, the names of Pakistanis as cricketers are more pronounced. On the other hand, the name of Indians as a gambler comes up first. The ICC’s anti-corruption unit recently said Indians were involved in most of the 50 match fixing cases scandals under investigation.

There was a time when there were allegations of match-fixing in international cricket and prestigious domestic tournaments. However, as a result of the development of technology, less essential or regional-based short tournaments can be seen live at home. And gamblers are taking advantage of this, as is the case with the ICC’s anti-corruption unit. At now, more than 50 cases of match fixing are under investigation, and the majority are the Indians.

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Steve Richardson, co-ordinator of the ICC’s anti-corruption unit, said Indians were involved in most of the 50 cases under investigation. “We are investigating 50 (fixing cases) which we are taking care of,” he said. And Indians have close ties with most of them.

‘The list of players is final. The problem is that those who organize corruption, those who pay the players, do it sitting outside the field. I can name six Indian administrative agencies who go on to propose a series of offenders and players. ‘

One of the Indian regional leagues is the Karnataka Premier League (KPL). Allegations have already been made against some players of that tournament and the owner of a team, which is under investigation.

Ajit Singh, head of the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit, said, “Police have complained KPL. We have started looking into them. These originated from the formula of betting. They (gamblers) offer lucrative sums of money to participating players, officials, and even the owner to make illegal money through betting. The amount of money is quite incredible. The annual turnover is 30-40 thousand crore rupees. In the state leagues, we have observed that an average of 2 million is traded per match.

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