Messi doesn’t want to sign a new contract with Barcelona

Lionel Messi’s current contract with Barcelona is coming to an end in 2021. The agreement was due to be extended this season. However, Messi did not agree to increase it. The radio reported that Messi doesn’t want to sign a new contract with Barcelona.

ESPN says Messi is having a good time with the current Barcelona board. Messi is not satisfied with the various policies of the club; he also has questions about the current coach Seiten.

However, Messi was furious that Ernesto Valverde had his hand in the farewell because such a thing was leaked. Messi was also frustrated with the board’s role and decisions in the transfer, which is why he dont want to sign a new contract with Barcelona.

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Messi signed a four-year deal with Barcelona in 2016, after which his salary now stands at 26 million a year. Neither Messi nor Barcelona has spoken publicly about extending the agreement.

However, in the last few days, Messi has openly opened his mouth about some decisions of the club. The club’s sporting director Eric Abidal has publicly responded after indirectly blaming the players for Valverde’s departure.

The board has also criticized the reduction of players’ salaries during the coronavirus. Although Messi has been silent about this for most of his career, now he has become much louder.

He has spent his entire career here since joining Barcelona La Masia academy at the age of 13. A few days ago, Messi completed 33 and reached the milestone of 600 goals. The club has won everything possible.